The Naked and Famous Head Back to NZ in May


After returning for the Big Day Out in January and wowing audiences with their electric live set, The Naked and Famous are coming back to New Zealand for a single, more intimate show later this year.

Following successful tours in North America, UK, and Europe in support of their second album In Rolling Waves, the band will play at Auckland’s Powerstation on Friday May 16.  With singles such as “Hearts Like Ours,” “I Kill Giants,” and my personal favourite “Rolling Waves,” the band have added to the already commendable back catalogue of debut album Passive Me, Aggressive You.  This one-off visit back to the homeland is one not to be missed.

Tickets for this R-18 event are on sale now from Ticketmaster.  For more tour dates around Australia and the rest of the world, check out their tour page on the official website.

[Post-script: I really enjoyed reading this Buzzfeed article about the band and the dynamics of recording In Rolling Waves. Informative and entertaining, if you’d like to read it yourself.]


2 thoughts on “The Naked and Famous Head Back to NZ in May

  1. Why do they all look like Macklemore hahaha. Good on them setting their sights on world domination though.


  2. Hahahahahahahahaha, now that you mention it Kara, I think see it too!


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