Reign on Prime – 1×06: Chosen

You know when you do something and it turns around to bite you in the- what what now? Yeah, so does Sebastian. He screwed the pooch on the Pagan front, messing with a Pagan’s human sacrifice is like messing with a Pagan’s emotions. He knows this, because he’s now dreaming about his encounter with the Pagan boy who hurled himself off the balcony after telling him he done messed up. Bash’s interference has consequences, consequences that see Mary waking up to a damn stag’s head strung up over her bed as blood drips down from it onto her hand. The Pagans seem to be good at two things, human sacrifices and ultimatums. And the Pagans gave Bash an ultimatum, either he chooses someone to sacrifice to make up for the sacrifice he botched up by interfering in, or they choose someone for him. Bash tells them to stick where the sun don’t shine and they chose for him.

Thanks Bash.

Of course this throws the castle into a kerfuffle as they have to figure out how someone managed to drug Mary (so she wouldn’t wake up while someone was redecorating her room) and get the stag head hung up over her bed. Obviously an inside job. So Mary asks all the servants, to no avail- even Catherine steps in to play bad cop to Mary’s good.

But don’t let that fool anyone, because Queen Catherine is still Team Olivia, because ‘Mary will be Francis’ undoing’ according to her soothsayer.

And guess who’s back? Back again? Diane’s back… and Kenna’s pissed. The King comes back from Paris and brings with him Bash’s mum, you know the mistress he’s gone back to time and time again. Granted after Kenna bitches enough he pulls out the tiles, which Kenna’s friends pointed out had Diane and the King’s initials entwined, but he winds up back in Diane’s arms complaining to her about Kenna’s irritating behaviour. Like, really bro? No one told you to be creepy and hit that.

Meanwhile, Bash finds a thief to sacrifice and strings him up by his ankles in the woods. However his conscience stops him, and he uses the thief as a decoy so he can sacrifice a pagan in the poor thief’s place. Unfortunately, the thief makes the mistake of saying that he knew who Sebastian (the king’s bastard) was and Bash had no choice but to push the guy off a cliff. He gets back to the castle in time to find Mary and Francis having it out over well over Francis’ seeing Mary and Bash kiss. And Francis uses the ‘we can have an open relationship and I don’t care who you see… as long as it isn’t my brother’. Really? Really man?

So Bash now realises that perhaps his place at court isn’t that stable after all and tells his mother that Francis threatened him today over Mary. Well, my boy, your mother did tell you you’d burn for a girl who will never be yours. And Francis runs right into the arms of Olivia- oh the teenaged melodrama.
Long may it Reign.
Honourable Mentions:
– Did you guys like the bonfire with a side of Pagan servants?
– I hope you’ve stopped trying to marry history with the show.
– Join us next week on Prime for a spot of Reign. Things get pretty crazy when the castle is taken over by a nobleman with a vendetta.
– If you need any refreshers click here to read all of our past ‘Reign on Prime‘ reviews.

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