4th of July Madness

Hey playa!

Today I took a celebrity homes tour. Yeah, let’s get the tacky out of the way, right? It was surprisingly really fun though! Even if the only house I would be able to pick up from a lineup is Doctor Phil’s. (Yes, that is someone entering his driveway, don’t know who).

We also saw Jennifer Anniston’s pad which she is supposedly renting for $40,000 a month, Orlando Bloom’s house which was broken into (inspiration for the movie Bling Ring), the awesome house from Iron Man, and . . . the list goes on but I won’t bore you.

Then it was drive along Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. Everything was really pretty but the roads are pretty bad. Seems like the city used all its money on palm trees. Apparently they cost $3,000 a tree and there sure is a lot of them!

Then I took the train to Union Station which is amazing inside. I am getting pro at catching the train although the sight of the Sherrifs with guns is still pretty scary. I think I saw about 50 guns today.

Why did I go Union Station? To visit Olvera Street which was the original center of Los Angeles during Spanish owned times. Now this is a market style atmosphere with Mexican restaurants and stalls. Mum and I had lunch for $12.75 all together. Fantastic!

Mum and I are still being mistaken for Latina. At the eatery, the guy started chatting with us in Spanish. While we were eating some old lady came and talked to us for about 5 minutes even though we said we only speak English. Quite funny really!

Then it was back to Hollyweird where I went to Madam Taussauds. This is a photo of mum in character. She sure likes photos. Also, is it weird that I felt a little bit scared taking photos with wax Simon Cowell. He was just scary, ok! Wax or not.

Walked around TLC Chinese Theatre where the famous hand and footprints are.

Then after getting lost a few times, I went to a grocery store. That was an adventure in itself. So much food for so cheap! It was self-checkout so I yelled at the machine when it started beeping at me to take my change. ” I HAVE TAKEN MY CHANGE, DAMN IT”. This is when the attendant calmly came and pulled two dollar bills from the machine and gave it to me. Yeah, I still can’t get my hand around there being 1 dollar bills and 25 cent pieces.

After being chased by Spongebob on Walk of Fame who kept on asking if I had crabby patties in my bag, I finally made it to the hotel. Yeah . . I would have felt sorry for Spongebob but his costume was as if a kid had sewn it. And you see so many acts on the Walk of Fame like the guy with the live python, they start to become a blur.

Our hotel is literally across the road from Hollywood and Highland mall where we could see the 4th of July fireworks at Hollywood Bowl. So at 8, made mum walk to the mall and wait for fireworks supposed to be at 9. By 9 about 500 or so people had gathered. And then we waited . . . and waited . . . and waited some more. At 9.45 mum saw some fireworks . . . on the reflection of a building. They must have changed the launch site, people were scrambling to run and see where they could get a view. I got caught up in the moment and ran down the stairs towards the street until I realised 15 other people had decided to run after me (they must have thought I knew where I was going). Slightly embarrassing as I stop and pretend I came to see something on the street. So yes, I did experience the 4th of July fireworks . . . as a reflection. The mall is amazing though.

Thanks for reading. Comment below. I would like it.



P.S Dear Kara, I took a photo of the Justin Bieber wax figure by itself so you can photoshop yourself in.

Dear Mata and Motu. Red Vines!


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