Skins Fire – Part 1 Review

Better late than never, better late than in a ditch somewhere. Words to live by, kids. Now, onto our thoughts regarding part one of Skins Fire. We know Effy’s living in London with Naomi, and working as some sort of assistant at a hedge fund, from the trailers and sneak peeks. Although the trailers seemed to portray Naomi as the one holding it together we find that Naomi’s unemployed and living the life of a serial drinker and resident unambitious. This, to me, rings a little weird. I always thought Naomi was a character with a healthy drive for success in some undisclosed field. Apparently not, although she does decide she wants to go into stand up comedy. Here’s a hint, her first gig doesn’t go very well.

I would say it’s strange seeing Effy being the responsible adult, but to be honest it actually makes sense. Effy’s always been intelligent, perhaps too intelligent for her own good. In those earlier series her intelligence, and the boredom of not having that intelligence challenged, used to land her into quite a bit of trouble. However with a focus and a challenge, it would appear that Effy can keep things together fairly well. Although I don’t know how easy it is to get into the world of trading, Effy seemingly uses what she’s got (with some help/insider info) to find her way out of being an assistant and into being a successful trader.

Now, as with everything Skins, it’s only a matter of time before things come tumbling down in the most spectacular way. Especially with Effy, I don’t know it seems, as a character, Effy always winds up not being able to handle the situations she finds herself in. When she’s solving other peoples’ problems she’s fine, but eventually her world/mind/life crumbles when it seems things are going well. We would all do well to remember what Effy’s mum, Anthea, said in regards to her daughter.

“She was four years old the first time she beat me at hide and seek. Four. I was looking for her for hours. When I finally found her she just smiled. You know, that Effy smile that means ‘you don’t know me at all, you never will’.”

Things start to slightly unravel, externally, towards the end of the episode with Naomi pointing out that the investors Effy has to schmooze are gross and grabby and Effy snapping at her before shoving her and telling her to go home. The next day we’re shown Naomi going in for an MRI scan before Effy is woken up, still wearing the clothes she’d gone out with the investors in, by extremely loud music before going up to the roof to get Naomi to turn it off.

Boom. Naomic bomb.
Effy, perhaps needing more of an escape than a late night trip to a club alone, winds up at her bosses’ place for bow chika wow- Wow I’m sorry for that.
Special Mentions:
– How did I not realise in the trailers that Dom was Adam (Craig Roberts) our whiny 40ish year old teenaged vampire from Being Human/Becoming Human? Honestly, he was my favourite.
– I’m sure there are a few of you out there who will think that Effy’s boss looks a little like Freddie. Coincidence or intentional slap in the face to Freddie fans? (Also, cancelled Sirens feels.)
– Emily’s in New York! Exciting! There may be some major conflict regarding Naomi’s illness. I’m thinking Naomi keeps it from Emily until the last minute, or tries to break up with her for a ridiculous reason in some misguided martyr’d attempt to save Emily from seeing her disintegrate. I’m just glad that Naomi and Emily are still together, if living apart at the moment. But surprise, surprise there will be no happy ending, potentially. (Also, Emily slapping Effy in that preview, what what?)
– I love that Effy still has the ability to reduce another character to nothing with just a few cutting words.
More thoughts? How about Convos with Friends!
Freya: I agree. I can’t help but feel like Eff still had it relatively easy in terms of her obstacles. The ever-so-helpful Dom came at an uncanny time and it all seemed superficial how she understood Trading 101 so easily, albeit with chalk and concrete. Maybe she had a super good sensei, yes? She’s a super genius? I don’t know, but overall it was Skins. Didn’t feel like it ever fell away too far from the Skin’s tree, so I’m happy about that.
Mata, err Me, guys: Yeah I always saw Effy as somewhat of an overly-intelligent figure in the series, like Tony but much more sophisticated in her manipulation of people. And she’s always been calculating, I just figured this was a more practical use/manifestation of that traits- along with her other skills. However it was always her emotions that seemed to stump her, overwhelm and eventually lead to her downfall, from which she then starts to rebuild again. Some people (read as tumblrers) have theorised that maybe Effy was abused as a child or something. Although it always harks back to the first words she uttered on the show, that maybe she was born backwards. Idk, I’m just glad Skins is back haha.

What say you?

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