Jawkwardlol Reviews: Sunny Skies 1×04

Sunny Skies

First of all, if you’ve missed this week’s Sunny Skies remedy that shit ASAP! Go watch it on demand. This week had me in hysterics, honestly I don’t care if I’m the only one that found tonight’s episode of Sunny Skies hilarious from start to finish. Right, so there’s a bra-thief loose about the campsite and this sets the stage for a hilarious episode that also allows for some new developments, both character and plotwise.

The set up: lady walks into reception and complains that all her bras have gone missing, which means she’s not wearing one. Being the awkward characters they are Deano and Oscar obviously don’t know where to look. Do not boobs

Oscar does not fare well in this situation.”Fortunately we have an onsite securititty- security officer. Who will uh, get right onto tits… it. Uh and we’ll have all that sorted by this afternude-noon- boobs. Ahh.” Driver’s delivery of these lines was masterful. I could not keep from laughing out loud.

This episode delves deeper into the father-daughter relationship of Deano and Charlie, I suppose it would have been way too easy to give Deano a son. A son would have meant no awkward ‘daughter’s growing up and starting to like boys’ scenes. We know that as a parent Deano’s pretty chill, however he’s not very chill when it comes to sexual education. It seems he’s overlooked some distinct changes that his daughter, as a tween, would be going through. When Nicki brings this up with him he’s quick to say ‘she’s growing UP, not OUT’ meaning he doesn’t want to think about the fact that his little girl is becoming a young woman, with a young woman’s body (spoiler alert, yes she’s the bra thief) interested in boys. When Charlotte tries to broach the subject of boys with Deano, he jawkwards out and makes an excuse to get away. So much for ‘my ears are your ears’ because apparently his ears could not take talking about ‘absolutely anything’ as he initially stated. False advertising! This is pretty much how it goes until he’s forced into having ‘the talk’ with Charlotte. Everyone knows how uncomfortable ‘the talk’ is. This is no exception. ‘It’s only a little piece of fruit, it’s just not fair!’

Them seasonal vineyard workers were pretty crack up, I liked the Sons of Tamaki. Deano notsomuch because it’s obvious he’s got a thing for Nicki and Nicki thinks one of them (Johnny) is cute. I saw a tweet the other day when someone said they’d already started shipping Oscar and Nicki, I suppose the whole ‘there’s a fine line between love and hate’ could apply- but it looks like the show’s let the Deano and Nicki (Dicki? Neano?) ship set off. Also, it’s a nice way of creating some drama. I like how the episode ends with newly created and unresolved issues. It gives the show something to work out, apart from Deano and Oscar’s relationship and the success of the campsite. Lovestruck Charlotte is pretty funny ‘Oh my god! It is what it is? How deep is that it’s just like he knows me!’ I like that Nicki’s there to help her out with girl stuff, even if her examples aren’t the best. So it’ll be interesting to see how this little misunderstanding is straightened out. The misunderstanding being the supposedly hot kid whose friends call Skippy is convinced in his stupid little boy-brain that Nicki would even consider him and asks Charlotte to give her his number and Charlotte walking in on the Nicki Deano kiss. Also, I can’t wait to see Mark and Matthew again. Missed them this ep!

Special Mentions:

– “Do you have a problem with smooth jazz?” HAHAHAHAHA

– It was nice to see a genuine moment between Oscar and Charlotte, he might have been the only one to give her some solid advice.

– Gunna getting rid of the weed the way he did. I don’t even.

– Honestly anything that starts with ‘I don’t suppose one can hurt’ ALWAYS ends in excess. Always.

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