The Blue Rose 1×04: This Charming Man

The Blue Rose: Monday 9:30pm TV3

The Blue Rose at the all new time of 9:30pm! If you were wondering why, the person below answers that very question! So now that we have a bit of an answer to the ‘why’s it been moved baaaaack though’ question, let’s have a chat about this week’s episode. It’s safe to say that while The Blue Rose Gang work towards solving the mystery of surrounding Rose’s death, there will be other subplots to keep us entertained in the meanwhile. This week we got to know two very different men a bit more, Derek-douchebag-Peterson and Ganesh. I mean, if you thought you hated Peterson earlier, well. This episode cements that distaste and then some. I mean, what a douchenozzle, King Douche, doucheburger- he can have all the douche names. Even if he’s got some hilarious one-liners when he’s pissed off, which is a lot of the time.

He’s off his rocker because Adam Revill, the journalist Jane was about to go to but cancelled on at the last minute, is posting insider information. Revill’s trying to take Peterson down and he’s getting his info from somewhere. A MOLE! Mole-y mole-y. There’s a mole within Peterson’s company, or perhaps in M&L, at first we think it’s Amy. I mean, the signs were there. She seems nice and mousy and deserves better than being Peterson’s PA/bit on the side mistress. Red herring, however. Because in the end Amy’s a snake in the grass herself! Jane said it best ‘You sneaky, sneaky bitch.’ I have to tip my hat to the show. Having us worry that Amy would have gone the way of Rose when she met Revill (who kind of annoyed me in his pursuit of Jane and any information she has) meant when she revealed herself to be a PR genius and was instrumental in taking Revill down, I was quite impressed. And worried that Peterson was going to shiv Jane right then and there in the elevator.

Threatening bastard. Ugh, seriously when he finally gets taken down I will be so, so pleased. I think I liked this episode more than last week’s. I feel that Ganesh’s storyline seemed to work well with the overall problem connected to Rose’s killer, because isn’t Rose’s death related to shady deals between Peterson and the lawfirm? I mean, that’s what I was led to believe that first episode and I’m sticking to it. My opinion will change, I’m fickle like that. I digress, the Pip storyline does compliment the main plot.

I hoped for more Ganesh and lo and behold we got more Ganesh! His own subplot even! Granted it included unrequited love and an app called Sheep Shagger- yes it’s exactly what you think it is. His friend (who he’s obviously crushing on) Pip is an app developer who made the mistake of trusting Justin Lockhart, a venture capitalist who’s completely screwed her over. Yeah, The Blue Rose Gang to the rescue! Due to Sonya’s badassery and Ganesh putting heads together with Philippa, they manage to take him down. And Ganesh even gets a kiss! Two even.

Although it seems Pip’s a bit keen to give everyone a kiss. Even Sonya, not that Sonya didn’t deserve one. She’s the mafia in a cardi, of course she deserved a damn snog! (Sidenote, anyone else notice Linda’s amused look when Sonya intimated that Pip might be gay? Maybe @speshtian was on to something?) Let’s not forget it was Ganesh’s idea for Pip to expose Lockhart for his shadiness, because what kind of business will this guy have if no one wants to work with him. It parallels the way Amy helps Peterson take Revill down. In order to save their own asses they plant a story (hat tip to Amy) which is bogus- completely discrediting Revill. Is it wrong? Because aren’t the media supposed to be the watchdog who keep large corporations and the government in check? Is it wrong to stifle someone who’s just seeking the truth?

Jane asks the same, sorta, thing of Simon who responds, “Right and wrong, it’s all relative.” Ain’t that the truth, Simon, ain’t that just the truth. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?! Ahem, sorry. I like Simon, but I feel like he knows something about Rose’s death. I mean, how far would Simon go to protect the client? And the idea of the relativity of morality is something this show has played with since the beginning. Was it wrong for Linda to have Rose’s will amended so Rose’s ex didn’t get their house and custody of their daughter? Legally, yeah. It was definitely wrong. But because of the situation and how we viewed the father and what we thought was right for the daughter, it was right. Sonya stole almost a million dollars, stealing is wrong, right? But we feel she deserves it, it’s right because that company’s wrong. Right and wrong are universal terms and ideas, and for the most part we define the parameters of where things fall between and around those terms. Nicely done, guys. These people think so too.

Special Mentions:

– Linda Playing Sheep Shagger appreciation mention!

‘Trust me you do not want to land on a ram.’

– New Zealand’s the smallest village on the planet. True story.

– Kiwi accents, gotta love ’em. When Ganesh says Kindow, he means Kendo.

– Krystle with a K’s limited view on life and career opportunities for women is pretty depressing. “As a PA? Gawd! What kind of fairytale life do you live in!” But she does pump classes twice a week!

Next week we get to see Homeless Man again. Glad I’m wrong about him being dead. Here’s to hoping he sheds some light on the mystery. Can you help me find the key? Hi-5? Anyone? No? Also if you missed the episode go watch it on demand! Unless you live outside of New Zealunn, then, gutted.


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