The Blue Rose 1×05: Pretty Girls Make Graves

The Blue Rose: Monday 9:30pm TV3Tonight’s episode (episode 5 of 13) took a turn for the dark. I know I know, it’s a show about how a rag tag group of people come together after the death of a personal assistant (a friend to 3 out of 4 of them) who knew too much, felt too much and by the looks of things- trusted too much. It might not be that the show turned dark on us, it’s just that with Rose’s back-story and the events thus far about Rose’s life didn’t quite resonate so much with us on an emotional level. There’s something about the homeless guy’s sense of redemption in this episode that really seemed to click.

The Homeless guy, who’s real name is David Quilter played by Seth Flynn, ran from Jane and Linda that first time they encountered him and we hadn’t seen him since, that is until this episode. David’s aversion to the police runs deeper than what we had initially thought, of course. We know he found Rose’s body and when the gang first started out asking questions we were forced to come to the assumption that he was the culprit, or knew something about it. The problem, we come to discover, is that David Quilter also knew too much and he buckled under the weight of his knowledge. He speaks fondly of Rose, and it seems she’d been trying to get him to make something right. When Linda discovers the newspaper clippings and immediately jumps to the conclusion that he was some sort of creepy stalker murdery guy (my extensive vocabulary has gone on holiday) I feel the show puts us at odds with her. We’re placed on Sonya’s side of the fence, wanting to coax information out of him by being kind- as opposed to bullying. It’s sad, because Sonya forms a bit of a bond with him and this is before he gives us anything useful to go on.

When David described the time in 24hour clock I thought he’d been military, which would have only made sense on an American show- however I wasn’t too far off the mark. A cop. Homeless guy, aka David, was an ex-cop who’d been undercover and was betrayed not just by another police officer, but by the officer he’d been reporting to. The thing is, this officer didn’t just betray him, he murdered an innocent and made David help him frame another man. David had been living with the guilt for years, and it had festered within him. He was also ill, by the looks of things, really ill. There’s a sense of mitigation for him in his confession to a room full of cops, and Flynn’s portrayal of David’s sense of fulfillment was moving.

Suits and cops, they’re all in it together, David says. Which I suppose is a melding of both his present and his past. Rose was talking to someone wearing a suit, he’d helped a dirty cop cover up a murder. One thing I had minor qualms with, as an ex-cop wouldn’t David have known that Simon wasn’t a police officer? Or was he too drunk and out of it to really care? Simon had been keeping David in a rest home, and it appears that he’d been doing some of his own investigating. Whether to find out more about Rose’s death, or to cover up his tracks is unclear just yet- but we’ll find out soon enough. As Ganesh (and by extension the Blue Rose gang) tries to get into Rose’s phone which David had picked up and handed over to Sonya.

There were funny bits this episode too, they’re just overshadowed by the heavier material of the episode.

Although I do appreciate the episode ending on the IT Crowd joke. It’s funny because earlier in the episode Krystle with a K had been complaining about how all IT did was suggest the computer be turned off and on again.

Special Mentions:

– Ganesh is smoother than we give him credit for. Also, can there be more Ganesh and Fasi? BrOTP, found.

– I’m torn between shaking my head at Ben in disapproval for showing up at Jane’s work like that and shaking my head in commiseration at the fact that Jane is keeping secrets from him. Also, that final scene with Ben and Jane was actually really cute.

– Charlie, still trying to get his ins with Jane. Did Charlie try his luck with Rose too? According to the preview for next week Charlie may have been one of the last people to have seen Rose alive.


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