And the X Factor NZ 2013 winner is…

But let’s back it up oi.

I’m just going to talk about the three finalists. Voting was open until after the final three performed their audition songs, they then stopped and counted it up to see who the top two were. Turns out Benny’s voters didn’t vote enough and we saw our beloved hipster off. However I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Benny. The tweens have a thing for that tortured Matt Smith looking type dude right now, and put that together with a rather nice voice and guitar playing skills? Well we’ll have to wait and see, because to be honest I liked his original song, Christina, a lot better than any of the songs written for the top two.

If Whenua were to win I can see people comparing him to past idol winners that have disappeared off the music scene. If Jackie were to win the country’s racist. There’s no winning for anyone. Just kidding, they both have good voices.

And with that out of the way the winner of X Factor New Zealand 2013 is…

Special Mentions:

– God DAMN Daniel Bedingfield is annoying.

– Anyone else reckon it was rigged since Jackie was brought back into the comp?

– I know you’re going to miss my awesome budget paint edits!

Sorry Whenua.


What say you?

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