X Factor NZ: Hits [?] from the Movies

Tom Bachelor and a song I don’t know, from a movie I’ve never seen. [Edit: Turns out I know who sing the song I don’t know, the Kinks, but I’ve still never seen this movie.]

Cassie singing Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years from Twilight- flat and dull, like Kristen Stewart’s eyes when playing Bella.

Whenua and a song from Happy Feet- suppose it explains why they dressed him like a penguin.

Benny Tipene’s butchering of Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes off of You as done by Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You. The stage

Gap 5 and Paper Planes by MIA from Slumdog Millionaire. And to be honest the X Factor was MIA from their performance.

Jackie Thomas and The Cardigan’s Lovefool from Romeo and Juliet which resulted in a judge brawl.

Moorehouse singing Stan’s song from Mt Zion, which resulted in Stan crying. However I’m inclined to say that it felt like the best performance of the night, despite the double denim and the choir almost drowning them out.

Special Mentions:

– Daniel’s joke about blowgun darts actually made me laugh, mainly because he got this response from the audience and his fellow judges.

– What is it with Daniel wearing the same colour as Ruby Frost’s hair?


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