‘Skins Fire’ Trailer Breakdown

What do we remember about Effy Stonem? She was the ever mysterious, silent, little sister of Tony who became a chip off the old block before going nutso. The deterioration of her mental state was something that had been hinted at from the very beginning, after all her first words on the show were ‘Sometimes I think I was born backwards.’ However “Skins Fire” follows Effy, now 21, working a dead-end job in the city where she apparently starts an affair with her boss. She’s flatting with Naomi, which is interesting and also means we get to see Emily, YAY!

Speaking of Naomi and Emily, how about that hug? The trailer shows a conversation between the two where Naomi is talking to Emily about Effy, however where does this hug occur? When Emily arrives to see her, or when she’s leaving? What does it meeeeean?

Yet in the end the episodes themselves are centered around Effy’s descent into lord knows what. I’m ready to see things go up in flames. And I also foresee Effy, rising from the ashes. If anyone’s a phoenix, it’s Elizabeth, Effy, Stonem.

The series’ tagline, ‘time changes everyone,’ isn’t something new. Everyone knows that time makes strangers of us all and for the returning Skins alum change is something we both dread and look forward to. We’ve had our gripes with each change of the series, shux remember when we found out that the first generation cast weren’t going to be returning save for Effy? This is the final series and I suppose the biggest change will be the fact that after this series, there won’t be another.


What say you?

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