Jawkwardlol Reviews: Sunny Skies 1×03

Sunny Skies

Better late than sorry! That’s not it, is it? Right, on to our thoughts. First of all, where can we get one of these?

Sunny Skids Motor Gimp

Best uniform ever. Also, flattering colour. Top notch stuff Oscar, proving how his ‘farting about on the computer all day’ counts as contributing to the running of the camp. Giving the camp an ‘online presence’ by listing it on TradeMe. Oscar doesn’t know when to just STAHP, apparently.

It’s nice to see Deano and Oscar beginning to sorta almost bond. Heh. Oscar was definitely an only child who doesn’t know how to be part of a family “they’re mine! MY THINGS!” We discover why when we meet his mother. Turns out the camp is going to have a fully booked long weekend due to what Nicki gleefully announces as great news.

“They found a dead body at the Happy Life motor camp…”

They found a dead body at the Happy Life motor camp...“IRONY!” IRONY!

Oscar isn’t sure whether Nicki understands what ‘great news’ means.

'Great news?'

Granted, it is great news for their business as it means more people will jump ship from Happy Life to Sunny Skies. Problem? The water’s not working. Which means Nicki’s gotta tell the campers to drink and bathe in their own wees. Her words not mine. Yeah nah they’ve got to fix it and so we get to see the dynamic between Nicki and Gunna, which as it turns out is great. Nicki’s all managed out and Gunna isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Heh, shed.

Jennifer Ward-Lealand guest stars as Penny Bennington, Oscar’s mum, and it becomes apparent why Oscar is the way he is. I suppose we should have seen this coming, it wouldn’t have made sense any other way. Oscar’s mum is how shall we say this without being crude, oh I know! Rap it with us, ‘she ain’t nothin’ but a gold digger, she ain’t messin’ with no broke-‘ ah well you get the gist. It’s a bit creepy when she keeps coming on to Deano, even after Oscar tells her that Deano’s his half brother. Oh, but how he cools Deano’s beans. “Yeah, just remember what you’re trying to get into? I came out of it.” The cringe factor. Bravo, writers.

Annnd, boom! Called it, Oscar’s anything but a successful business owner. He’s been bludging off his mum for about a year and yet he still tries to claim otherwise. However despite his outright hostility towards her, he still tries to help her. Aww, even though in the end Penny didn’t need it, it was a nice character development. It wasn’t the only development, as he also managed to have an emotion after Deano tells him that they could take a mortgage out on the camp so that they could help Oscar’s mum. Because:

More tweets!

Matthew and Mark, oh I could not possibly love them more! Especially when they sit there knowing full well what cabin 13 was used for, as well as why it would be particularly gross for Oscar and Deano, just grinning like twin Chesire cats. It’s priceless. Mark sums up our sentiments when he utters, “The entertainment in this place is bloody top notch.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. The juxtaposition of Deano trying to open the door to get away from Penny’s molestation and Nicki trying to open the water tank door to let out a trapped Gunna is executed rather impeccably. It’s pretty tense, at one point I’m not sure Deano’s going to get out. If one of them did end up not making it, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been Gunna. That would have been way too dark, and also, we love Gunna! However both parties are saved, although not completely unscathed. Deano’s pretty freaked out and Gunna- well he leaked a bit inside the tank. He reveals this just as Matthew and Mark are having a cup of water each. There’s a poetic justice in their ingesting of Gavin’s (Gunna’s P E N U S) mellow yellow as they sat there laughing at Nicki trying to get him out. Matthew’s nonplussed about it, even complimenting, and Mark’s just grumpy because he’d rather know someone a bit more before letting them internally R-Kelly him.

Penny also gets what she deserves, she comes looking for money having left her now bankrupt husband number I-don’t-know and seemingly finds it in Deeta, a wealthy divorced Swede who owns ball bearing company. Poetic justice is twofold in this one, first of all Deeta’s actually Dave, a panel-beater and secondly Nicki gives Penny some of Gavin’s mellow yellow for the journey. It’s nice seeing the developing comradeship between Deano, Nicki and Oscar. Even if Oscar still gets Nicki’s name wrong, something he must have inherited from Penny.

Special Mentions:

– Charlotte was really likeable this week, I don’t know whether it was because she was barely onscreen or whether it was because they gave her something to do other than scheme and complain. Her bootleg type games room with hooked up internet and kiddie gambling was actually well done. Also, she has a gambling problem? “Only with your money and only if I’m sure the horse will win.” Yeah, I like their relationship.

– That man’s Irish accent is pretty horrendous.

– Special appreciation for Oscar lack of tact. When Nicki argues that cabin 13 was Gary’s man-shed he replies, “Well now it’s his dead-man shed because he’s dead, man.”

– Gunna confusing real life with Scooby Doo, I mix up real life with TV shows all the time. Also, he referenced Doctor Who! Despite his stupidity he’s starting to become my favourite. Or maybe I’m just biased because he mentioned the TARDIS?

– Oscar’s got the power!

If you missed the episode, which airs every Friday at 8pm on TV3, then catch it on demand right here. Even if you just want to rewatch it.


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