Game of Thrones Finale: 3×10 – ‘Mhysa’ Review

We start where we last left off, our heroes slain in the house after the grievous breach of Guest Right by Walder Frey. (Have you figured out a way, bar alcoholism, to make the pain stop? You never will, muahahaha! Kidding.) You know, I actually didn’t think they’d include the bit with Grey Wind’s head and Robb’s body. But they did, and seeing it made me as queasy as reading about it in the book did. Having Arya see it, that was its own special kind of adaptation meanness. This episode was all about the wind down from the Rains of Castamere, checking in with some characters, before setting up for season 4.

Fuck yeah Asha (I mean Yara) Greyjoy!
Fuck yeah Arya Stark! Because after seeing what she saw, knowing what she knows, it would only take a few words from some soldiers to send her over the edge. Bet he was mostly talking shit, that’s what you get though. Talk shit, get daggered. Maisie Williams actually scared me a little here. Not just because she stabbed him, but the way she slowly walked up behind him whilst he spoke. Yes, I’m waiting for the Cat of the Canals.
Then, fuck yeah Ygritte! Which, incidentally belongs in the ‘Stop it, because it hurts’ bucket. You just know that she wasn’t going in for the kill shot, if she’d wanted Jon dead then he’d be dead. However despite his betrayal, she loves him and I think she really just wanted to hurt him as badly as he hurt her. Rose Leslie was amazing here.

Reek, Reek, rhymes with meek. Oh dear, Ramsay’s everything we could hope for in a completely psychotic bastard. Speaking of bastards, Gendry’s set free by the Onion knight after they bond. I’m glad Davos managed to turn his new found reading skill to his advantage, reading the message from the Night’s Watch and giving it to Stannis at the most opportune time.

Giving Shae a proper storyline on the show was a huge mistake, because the next season could prove to be so much more heartbreaking because of it. Also, show Sansa is a lot nicer to Tyrion than book Sansa. Speaking of deviances, we could fill this post with them, I want to quickly touch upon the decision to bring Jaime to King’s Landing. I know they sped up his storyline by quite a bit, but did they have to hurry him home before a certain Wedding? It changes a few things.

Tywin’s one of the characters, when he’s putting Joffrey back into his place, you think is so damn badass and then remember is a prick when you see how he treats his children, especially Tyrion who seems to be the one Lannister with his priorities straight.

However they chose to end the episode on a slightly more uplifting, heh literally, moment. The newly freed slaves’ acceptance of Dany as their Mhysa, Mother. I’ve seen some contention regarding that final scene, with the words ‘white saviour’ being thrown about. I’m here for the dragons, I see them flying about and that’s all it took for me to feel uplifted. Yeah nah, not weighing in the racism debate, I’m too tired and it’s almost 1am here. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.

Special Mentions:

– Joffrey looks a bit like an eager puppy. I need a show where Tyrion just makes potshots at Joffrey for a good half hour.

– I can’t be the only person who tittered at this.

And now The Game of Waiting begins. What are you most looking forward to for next season? Lady Stoneheart? Sand Snakes? The Red Viper? Purple Wedding?


What say you?

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