The Maze Runner – First Official Trailer

The trailer for the movie adaptation of James Dashner’s The Maze Runner premiered on MTV during an episode of Teen Wolf. What do we think? You know our stance on the series (links to reviews below) however the trailer, especially casting choices and visual effects, has us optimistic. 20th Century Fox are bringing us a killer film, while I don’t like to rely too heavily on the trailers for fear of being let down- the trailer kind of gave us goosebumps!

The effects look great, casting choices were spot on and the whole mystery of the maze is established very well. Who’s ready?

Welcome to the Glade.

The global premiere of The Maze Runner trailer is coming tomorrow during an all new Teen Wolf at 10pm! Until then, bask in this exclusive GIF. You CANNOT miss this.

NZ Release Date: Sept 18th 2014

Release Dates Worldwide:


If you’ve yet to read the series we suggest you do. Check out our reviews of all three books!

The Maze Runner (Spoiler free!)

The Scorch Trials (Spoilers!)

The Death Cure (Spoilers!)


8 thoughts on “The Maze Runner – First Official Trailer

  1. I’ll have to watch this sooner or later for Dylan O’Brien aka the reason why I keep tuning into Teen Wolf (him and the relatively intriguing plot albeit insufferable screenplay). So, I might as well get started on reading the series.

    I read a few pages of the 1st book as an advance reader’s copy but as you mentioned in your book reviews it requires a bit of patience and at the time I must not have had a lot of it. But I’m keen to give it another shot. Will let you know how I go.


    1. Yeah give it a go again. I thought the first book was a tad better than the second and third.

      Hmm I reckon Teen Wolf’s improved over the past season and I half.


      1. Yes. I love the current season. The Colton Haynes era was so-so and I got sick of Scott/Alison. I still maintain that Tyler Posey is a terrible lead. Dylan just steals the show time and time again. Also, it has the best written parental dynamics in a teen show. Go figure.


      2. Whoa whoa how are you in my head?!

        Colton’s doing much better in Arrow, I couldn’t stand his character on Teen Wolf. I couldn’t stand Scott/Alison!

        Dylan O’Brien is my favourite! I freakin’ love Stiles.

        YES. Stiles dad, Alison’s dad (more in this season than the first) and Scott’s mum are great characters.


  2. Ah, a fellow Arrow fan! Love the show. Stephen Amell is a darling. I think a big part of the reason I love the show is how much he loves doing the show. I mean he’s right there with you shipping Olicity ’til kingdom come.

    Back to Teen Wolf…Seen the latest ep yet? Mother of Nogitsune, it was full on!


    1. Haha yes!! Arrow is awesome! Though I am a few eps behind.

      Okay, so I haven’t seen the last 2 eps yet but I got majorly spoiled for the shocking end of yesterday’s ep!! What the heck?!


      1. I know right! Apparently Reed wanted out to explore new horizons and what not so the creators/writers had to write the exit in. While I’m glad it wasn’t Issac, Stiles, Derek or any of the parents, her exit could have been written a little more tightly. Watch the ep and I’ll tell you what I mean.

        Gutted for Papa Argent and Issac though! I hope this doesn’t mean J R Bourne will have to be ousted. His character should maybe adopt Issac…even though I did love him and Scott living under the same roof.


      2. No wayyyy, I fully shipped her and Isaac!! Hahaha yeah I’m glad too aye.
        I’m planning on watching it tonight.

        I can’t, Papa Argent is going to be devastated. His wife and now his daughter? I can’t.


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