Reign on Prime – 1×09: For King and Country

Hello Prime Underclass, I know last week there was an encore screening of the Reign pilot, on Prime, which threw a lot of you off. If you needed a quick refresher of the last new episode to air on Prime mosey on over to: ‘Fated’ -1×08.
‘For King and Country’ picks up right where we last left off, with Mary and Bash running away- incidentally in the same direction- because Queen Cat and the soothsayer Nozzy (good name for a band I BAGS’D IT) had finally come clean about why Catherine’s been trying to sabotage Mary’s union with Francis. The guards are hot in pursuit and Mary and Bash have no choice but to-

-jump off of a cliff together. They end up at a tavern wet and cold and tired and Bash tries not to be a peeping tom but kind of fails and just when things look like they’re going in my 14-year-old sister’s OTP’s favour the guards turn up and drag the two back to the castle.

The storylines are starting to get a bit complicated but hey that’s life on the upper east side of the French court when King Henry can only see dollar signs (that’s not right- bags of gold? A golden throne?) when he looks at Mary and so agrees to go along with Mary’s demands that he legitimate Bash. In fact he gets so behind it, he stops an attempt on Bash and Mary’s lives by his lovely wife and decides he’s off to Italy to see the Pope about a bastard.

As per usual Megan Follow’s Catherine de’ Medici is a driving force of the episode’s villain-ry while claiming maternal instinct. However there’s something about the way Follow’s eyes can appear severe without much effort that strikes a genuine fear in me for Mary’s safety. Adelaide Kane does well in her portrayal of a young Queen scrambling to save her love from a prophecy that is way off, and Bash- reputation be damned! Even if Bash is not quite a friend or love (yet). I do feel for Bash who gets thrown in jail for being in the wrong (right) place, at the wrong (so so right) time to catch Mary on her way out and then help her run away.

That confrontation between Bash and a bitter Francis, I like bitter Francis, was well-played. Bash doesn’t want the crown despite the fact that he may want the girl. Francis has no idea what’s going on, even after he finds out about the ‘prophecy’ and tries to convince Mary about how much of a poppycock the entire thing is.

Speaking of poppycock premonitions, Nozzy didn’t see himself getting a stab and gap from Clarissa did he? But oh Clarissa you really should learn to use your raspy-voiced words!

Honourable Mentions:

– Bash watch! Them eyes.

– Someone give Francis a hug! Toby Regbo also does well when given the chance to show Francis having more than three emotions. ‘Long may you reign!’ Damn, son. Right to the feels. Don’t worry, history should serve you just fine…well.
– Until next time LONG MAY YOU REIGN!

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