Reign Premiere on Prime: 1×01 Pilot

And while I was furiously writing, trying to make up for lost time (for NaNoWriMo) guess what started on Prime TV in New Zealand? Reign. The historically inaccurate (in almost everything)  historical drama about teenage Mary, Queen of Scots played by Adelaide Kane (Teen Wolf). Did you catch the CW’s new period drama Reign on Prime TV? At what point did you reach for a history book or, more realistically, your nearest device to check the Mary, Queen of Scots Wikipedia page?

I fear you’ll need to stop attempting to find accuracy in this ‘historical drama’ about Mary Stuart because you’ll be disappointed if you do. From the very beginning, when we’re swept into a man’s (whom we later discover is soothsayer Nostradamus) eerie dream before a Lumineers track (‘Scotland’) starts playing and we’re taken to a convent where Mary is staying (in secret, well not secret enough seeing as there’s an assassination attempt on her), we should know that the show we’ve tuned in to isn’t going to exactly be high-caliber viewing.

It appeals to this generation’s ‘upper east siders’, who I imagine will call themselves Royals. I’m not kidding, love triangles, social-climbing, getting krunk, attractive people hooking up and rich folk; it’s basically Gossip Girl set in 1557 with Mary, Queen of Scots, as a nicer, but still sassy, Queen B. Throw in some couture dresses, a hipster/folky soundtrack and some eye-candy in the form of Francis (Toby Regbo) the future King of France she’s known as a child and his half (bastard-born) brother, Sebastian (Torrance Combs) who you won’t find in any history books, and you’ve got a hit with the youngins’.

I’m talking crap but I’ll tune in next week, don’t ask me why. Maybe I want to see who the freaky chick with the sack on her head is. However I just stopped by to see what you guys think- and if you’re going to stick around for the rest of the season.

I better get back to failing NaNoWriMo.

Honourable Mentions:

– Supernatural undertones, because why can’t there be a prophecy?

– Francis has floppy blond hair but Sebastian has them piercing eyes, let the shipping wars commence!

– The pilot episode was filmed in Ireland, I could watch for on-location shooting all day err’ day. However I think the rest of the show will be filmed in…Toronto? That’s the CW’s go-to filming location, isn’t it?


What say you?

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