The Scorch Trials – Review

Title: The Scorch Trials

Series: The Maze Runner Trilogy

Author: James Dashner

Publisher: Delacorte Press

As the second book in a trilogy I think The Scorch Trials suffers from middle child syndrome. In that it knows it should be better than the first child but perhaps falls a little short and feels like it exists to make things easier for the third child. Granted, the writing seems to have matured, a sure-fire plus, the characters seem to fail at making you care. Or maybe it’s the seemingly never ending onslaught of shit that they have to endure which should make me more inclined to give a damn but at points I only feel annoyed at how whiny Thomas becomes.

I know Teresa was supposed to make Thomas hate her for the sake of the trials but there was only so much ‘I have to act this way because they’re controlling me but I can break out of it and can’t tell you anything yet you have to trust me without knowing what I know’ that I could take. The trials is unlike the first book in that the group are no longer being held in captivity- and although the last novel ended in what we thought was a rescue it was anything but.

We’re introduced to new characters who you either love or hate, with their own built-in plot twists, and are introduced to the dystopian world as dreary as The Hunger Games but far less structured. Thomas and the gang, throughout the course of the book, often wish to be back in the Maze for obvious reasons but you’ll have to read the book to find out what those reasons *cough* everyone is mental *cough*.

Special Mentions:

– Human beings being pushed to their utmost limits, especially adolescents, can do some crazy things. Who would have thought that the most crazy thing to do was trust people?

– Anyone else see that twist coming? Yeah, same.

– Jess thinks: Intentionally left blank because I have not yet asked her her thoughts on this book.

– I’m almost done reading the Death Cure. I don’t know that the title’s a spoiler, I’m going to assume no. I could be wrong, don’t be mad. But when I am I’ll be back with another review for you and your little dog too.


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