Tribal Tattoos

Today I went to Playland which is like the Rainbow’s End of Vancouver. Went with my cousins and had a blast. I was the only one to go on all the rides while the boys chickened out of at least one each.




I was in the Skytrain today and had an argument with this old guy. He kept on looking at my henna and asking me what it was. I think everyone thinks I have some gangster tribal tattoos. I kept on telling him that it was temporary and would come off in couple of weeks. He said he did not believe me and kept on going on and on. I just gave up in the end and said I will wear gloves at work. Told this story to my mum and she just said “Don’t talk to strangers.” Yup . . . I attract the crazies.

Then, went to a party where the wedding was the day before and it got crazy. Danced a lot! I am so tired, getting to the stage where I just wanna get home.

Going San Francisco on Tuesday so I will have more exciting stories for y’all!

20130714-182737.jpgLove, peace and chicken grease! From Jess.

Go see more of my travels.


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