I am . . . Obama Man!

This morning Mum and I caught a train and then a bus to go to Santa Monica. This is a beachfront city in western LA. The bus ride was an adventure itself. For example, this guy gets on the bus, takes out a cigar, opens the window and starts puffing. Seriously? At least he opened a window I guess. This bus went past Rodeo Drive and other upscale places so was quite nice for sightseeing, even though the buses are dirty! Windows do not seem to have been washed, ever! Makes Auckland buses look impeccable in comparison.

Here are some photos from Santa Monica. This area is known for Third Street Promenade which is an upscale shopping area and the Santa Monica Pier. I managed to get some shopping done, finally.

And now what you have all been waiting for. It was on my list of things to do and tada!

I’ve done it. I have gone to the USA and eaten Taco Bell. It was alright, nothing special at all. But it is a chain Mexican joint, I was not expecting much in terms of tastes.

Then, took another bus to go back to the hotel. This bus went through Venice Beach Boardwalk which is a crazy town itself. An old man gave us directions when we looked lost. He got in the same bus as us then proceeded to loudly ask if us two ladies liked curry. I was like wtf is happening. The whole bus was looking at us. He was just being friendly though, pointing us out that an Indian takeaway that we were going past was having half-price deals. Mum was like um . . . thank you very much. Super embarrassing to have 30 people staring at you though.

There was also a guy on the bus with an eye and like 1/4 of his skull missing, I do not know how he was alive. And you know when you see something and you don’t want to look at it again but your eyes automatically get drawn to it. Yeah, I did that. Not my finest moment.

Back to the hotel to drop shopping and then it was back to the Walk of Fame area at Hollywood and Highland for some souvenir shopping. I bought 6 t-shirts so y’all will see me rotating that for a while. Some more photos from around this area.

I am flying to Vancouver tomorrow so it will be a lot of wedding and family time. I am still not sure about internet access either, so updates may become less frequent. LA was just such a rich source of material. I am still hoping to do a ton of stuff in Vancouver so keep your eyes peeled for new posts. And reflecting back to the first post, perhaps I had a bad first initial impression but once you get out of Hollywood/Highland and Walk of Fame crazy town, people have been very nice and accommodating. Also, you know how everyone was mistaking us for Latino, yeah I have gotten sunburnt since then and hence gotten darker, so now don’t get mistaken that much. I still do not know if that is a good thing. Someone still tried to talk mum in Spanish today though.

This made me laugh today.

As always, thanks for reading.


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2 thoughts on “I am . . . Obama Man!

    1. So true, I feel that bus etiquette should be taught in primary school


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