Spiderman Just Be Chillin’.

Hello all. Someone (ahem . . . Smita) said to me that these posts are too long. Skim read people! Look at the pretty pictures! But I will try keep it short.

Another fantastic day. Went to Grammy Museum which is superb. Unfortunately no photos allowed. This museum is very interactive and you can go to little booths where you can learn about the process of making music. For example, at one booth I rapped in a microphone so that it could be layered with Nelly’s voice. Yeah . . . I am not much of a rapper. Also had a drumming lesson with instructions from Ringo Starr on video. I am also not that much of a drummer either. Then I walked around to LA Live. Got a photo with the Magic Johnson statue.

This area was hosting The Anime Expo so I saw a lot of people like this.

Mum was fascinated by the really tall buildings in downtown so here are some photos of tall buildings.

Then it was off to the Famers Market for lunch and then The Grove which is the mall attached to this. Pretty flash. Highlight was seeing the shirtless guy that stands at the entrance of Abercrombie and Fitch. Unfortunately too much glare for me to get a photo of his abs.

Went to the supermarket and got a four Litre bottle of water for 99 cents. Sweet! Then back to to the hotel where I finally made to the pool. Yeah, I won’t make your eyes bleed with photos of that 😛
Then in the evening I went to see Monsters University at El Capitan. This is the Disney Theatre which hosts premiers of Disney movies and only plays Disney movies. Before the movie began they had an organist playing and then there was a pep rally for about 15 minutes with cheerleaders, drums, gymnastics. Fantastic before show entertainment. And the movie was great too.

Finally, this guy made me laugh at the Walk of Fame today. Spiderman just be chillin’.



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