Top 40 Night – X Factor NZ Review

About time the judges were forced to keep their contestants’ song choices within this decade. A few performances didn’t quite hit the mark, however one or two of the contestants did relatively well. Nothing too out of the ordinary, really. Quick breakdown?

Cassie’s performance of Pompeii by Bastille: The song suited her, mixed feelings on twitter about her song choice, but it may be enough to save her. What was with the crimptastic hairstyle?

Moorhouse and Will.I.Am’s #thatPower: Catchy, slightly off and visually jerky- neither of them twerked; the audience seemed to love it, however.

Whenua’s cover of James Arthur’s cover of Shontelle’s song, Impossible: His voice is golden, but for one of the judges it was too perfect. Personally I’ll take musically perfect over ear-vomit any day.

Anna Wilson Radioactive – Imagine Dragons: Her performance was edgier than last week, something the judge’s panned her for not being, and yet one of the judges this week STILL wasn’t impressed. We liked it, in fact we found it to be one of the better performances of the night, save for that bit where she did that kneel-down move. Stay standing, oh and slap the desk more often! Maybe throw a drink in one of the judge’s faces.

Benny Tipene’s rendition of Lost by Frank Ocean: It was different, and not in a really bad way. Sure he looks like a run-down karate kid, and the beginning was sorta boring but when he got into it it was alright aye.

Gap 5 Blurred Lines: What to say? Interesting song choice, and I don’t hate it? Didn’t hate it. Harmonies sounded slightly off- however they looked cool.

Jackie Thomas’ performance: Was a bit bored to be honest.

Tom Bachelor and Ho Hey: The judges spent a good minute or so discussing his lack of footwear, is the stage heated? He must have been cold. His performance didn’t suffer too much for it, it was alright.

Special Mentions:

– Mel and Not Drunk Enough: She wasn’t drunk enough, which meant she was sort of on the ball. (Except when it came to Anna.)

– Stan and Preacher Wear: Digging the tan suit, not really.

– Ruby and Her Crimped Hair: Dat hair. (Seriously though, she gives some good advice I reckon. Better than some of her fellow judges.)

– Dan and his outfit choice: Wasn’t too bad this week, doesn’t make up for last week.

But, who’s going home tomorrow?


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