Matt Smith Announces his departure after we were all sure he’d be there for another series. JawkwardLOL

We all knew it was coming, we just didn’t know it would be this year. Matt Smith, our Eleventh Doctor has decided to call it quits. We’re not quite sure how we feel about it. Sad? Yes. I think that’s about where our feels end, should we be mad? Are you mad? What are you feeling? Can you feel? Are you spam? Do you spam because you’re sad about Matt Smith’s announcement? I think once we’ve all had time to process our feelings we’ll come to the realisation that we’re more excited than anything. Because sure, for some of us, Matt Smith may well have been your favourite, or your first, and you never forget your first Doctor.

Right, so now that we know Matt’s about to go the question on everyone’s mind is what what what how why why why who who who? That’s totally a question. Let me break it down: how’s it going to go down? How will his regeneration occur? And the big one, who will take his place as the next Doctor?

Do you have anyone in mind? Will we get a woman this time? A Doctor of colour perhaps? Maybe a ginger? It’s an exciting prospect and we look forward to it wholeheartedly. That is after our mourning period, which began a couple of hours ago after we heard the news, of course.



What say you?

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