X-Factor Voting Predictions

Right, so predictions! Getting right into it because last night’s performances were, well- I don’t know. I want to say shocking, but I also want to say not surprising. I’m in a bit of an oxymoronic pickle here. I’m just going to come right out and tell you who I expect will be going home. 

My top 3 choices for who should/might be going home tonight:

L.O.V.E – When they rapped they were okay, when they sung my ears bled and they sang way too much than was necessary last night.

Tom Bachelor – His mediocre singing was offset against a creepy performance.

Fletcher – what was that? He sounded pained.

Those I believe should be given another chance:

Cassie: Daniel’s poor song choice really let her down last night. I doubt she’ll be sent home.

Those who did relatively well:

Anna – not so forgettable last night. However I think it was song choice that did it, her voice was perf for her song and it showed.

Maaka – I may have been a bit rough about him getting through over Grace, however he aced his performance last night. *Said grudgingly.* Although my sister noted that his outfit looked like something her female teacher has worn before.


Eden – I was bored. This is a reflection of Daniel’s shite song choice, however.

Taye – Haven’t really got an opinion.

Moorhouse – Yeah I don’t even really care.

Benny – Underwhelming

Everyone else:

Gap 5 – Interesting, their harmonies went a bit south toward the end.

Whenua – He can do so much better. He’s my pick to win the competition. But idk, people are all ‘but we’ve already got a Stan Walker’ and those people might well go for other choices.

Jackie – I’m still on the fence about this one. She’s hasn’t got Lana Del Ray’s charisma.

Those who need to go home for a bit:

Daniel Bedingfield – Say it with me ‘BETTER SONG CHOICES’ or at least lay off the hot sauce buddy.

Ruby – Another judge whose song choice could have one of her contestants sent home.

Special Mentions:

– ‘Golden Thrush’ Hahahah Daniel, go home you’re drunk.

– Mel was speechless after Maaka’s performance mainly because she couldn’t speak much for fear of inhaling smoke fumes.

– Need more judge bitch fights. Can they just go at each other already?


2 thoughts on “X-Factor Voting Predictions

  1. You just took everything that I was thinking from last night into this article :)… Everything is so true… So many disappointments!


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