The Blue Rose – 1×10 Handsome Devil Review/Reaction Post

The Blue Rose: Monday 9:30pm TV3

This week I had a guest, watching and commenting on the Blue Rose, with me. Fellow Blue Rose ‘enthusiast’ CW (@ speshtian) joined me via skype to catch our New Favourite New Zealand Dramedy. This episode offered us some interesting new developments, some of which we thought were slightly predictable and not just because of the previews! The show attempted to give certain characters a depth, that may or may not have resonated with the audience, it’s rather subjective but I’m going to say for me it slightly missed the mark. Rose’s taste in men continues to be a point of contention and we discover some very interesting stories about M&L After Hours. We also wonder where Linda finds all of her leather clothing and whether or not she’ll come out of the closet any time soon. Oh and anyone for lasagne tasting? No? Well then make sure you’re a bit more creative next time!

I’ve tried to tidy our convo up without diminishing our ‘ rivetting discourse’ too much. *cough* Otherwise it’s our ‘liveblog uncut’ sad grammar and heinous lack of proper capitalising, needless CAPS, overuse of exclamation points and neeeedlessss letter emphasis included! Anything in parenthesis was added ex post facto.

[8/04/13 9:43:19 PM] Mata: It’s freezing! So we ready to watch The Blue Rose?

[8/04/13 9:43:26 PM] CW: yessssss

[8/04/13 9:43:29 PM] CW: motorcycles!!!

[8/04/13 9:43:32 PM] Mata: Haha sweet!

[8/04/13 9:43:56 PM] CW: it’s Linda the lesbo!

[8/04/13 9:44:27 PM] CW: peterson needs to lose some weight

[8/04/13 9:44:29 PM] Mata: Can Linda smash him in the face with the mug?

[8/04/13 9:44:56 PM] CW: linda would chug that vessel and crush the mug with peterson’s head

[8/04/13 9:44:58 PM] CW: boom

[8/04/13 9:44:58 PM] Mata: I would like very much to see that, it can be paying homage to once were warriors..with Linda as Jake the Muss

[8/04/13 9:45:10 PM] CW: i have not actually seen that movie!

[8/04/13 9:45:30 PM] Mata: I don’t- we’re going to put a pin in that because I would I like to discuss your lack of Once Were Warrior knowledge lol

[8/04/13 9:46:45 PM] Mata: Who does that chubby bald man look like?

[8/04/13 9:47:10 PM] Mata: Charlie talking shit? NO! Surely not!

[8/04/13 9:47:11 PM] CW: all i can quote is “cook me some eggs!”

[8/04/13 9:47:22 PM] CW: that must be the most he (Charlie) has said in one go all season

[8/04/13 9:47:33 PM] CW: already more screen time than the first 9 episodes combined

[8/04/13 9:47:51 PM] Mata: Hahaha they’ve been saving it up for the episode where he finally gets his INS (more or less true)

[8/04/13 9:48:12 PM] Mata: BABANG the Trifecta hahaha

[8/04/13 9:48:18 PM] CW: bahaha

[8/04/13 9:48:23 PM] CW: where’s the t-shirt?!

[8/04/13 9:48:51 PM] CW: krystle just vomited in her mouth (While getting frisky at the bar with McMann)

[8/04/13 9:48:54 PM] CW: or looked it

[8/04/13 9:49:01 PM] Mata: Also, this has been the most Aroha has ever said

[8/04/13 9:49:04 PM] CW: !! she’s (Aroha’s) taking the bus!!

[8/04/13 9:49:07 PM] Mata: I vom’d in my mouth just watching her (Krystle)

[8/04/13 9:49:08 PM] CW: she’s (Aroha’s) NEVER getting home at this rate

[8/04/13 9:49:26 PM] Mata: LOL Aroha needs to be more drunk in order to endure our public transport system

[8/04/13 9:50:22 PM] CW: don’t these offices have alarm systems

[8/04/13 9:50:39 PM] Mata: Yeah, they didn’t even enter any codes or anything

[8/04/13 9:50:56 PM] Mata: This guy wants to get freaky in the boardroom!

[8/04/13 9:51:14 PM] Mata: Omg Krystle’s gone for it!

[8/04/13 9:51:21 PM] CW: krystle just looked totally maia in that shot

[8/04/13 9:51:23 PM] CW: creepy

[8/04/13 9:51:27 PM] Mata: She looks scared

[8/04/13 9:51:30 PM] Mata: Hahahahahha

[8/04/13 9:51:32 PM] CW: she’s secretly a lesbian wanting to get pregnant!

[8/04/13 9:51:55 PM] Mata: DON’T TOUCH THE TABLE JANE

[8/04/13 9:52:00 PM] CW: ewwwwww

[8/04/13 9:52:00 PM] Mata: WHATEVER YOU DO!

[8/04/13 9:52:09 PM] Mata: He would like to do you again

[8/04/13 9:52:25 PM] CW: girl i wana do you, do you, do you wana do me, do meeee

[8/04/13 9:52:28 PM] Mata: Charlie you tricky guy hahahahaha

[8/04/13 9:52:35 PM] Mata: Underneath the moonlight tonight haha

[8/04/13 9:52:36 PM] CW: that would be super awks if you don’t know where that song’s from

[8/04/13 9:52:41 PM] CW: YESSSSSSS

[8/04/13 9:53:09 PM] Mata: OF COURSE I KNOW THAT SONG! Remind me to post this story where that song features

[8/04/13 9:53:17 PM] Mata: Oh shit Krystle’s busted

[8/04/13 9:53:34 PM] CW: looooool

[8/04/13 9:53:35 PM] Mata: False alarm


[8/04/13 9:54:07 PM] CW: PARNELL

[8/04/13 9:54:09 PM] CW: MY HOOD

[8/04/13 9:54:14 PM] CW: well, my ex-hood

[8/04/13 9:54:19 PM] CW: oooo scott’s a bad dude

[8/04/13 9:54:21 PM] CW: dun dun dun

[8/04/13 9:54:31 PM] CW: krystle your vag just got the plotline going

[8/04/13 9:54:37 PM] Mata: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

[8/04/13 9:54:59 PM] Mata: Helen and Simon do NOT want to be touching the boardroom table right now

[8/04/13 9:55:13 PM] CW: talking, being friendly…. HAVING SEX

[8/04/13 9:55:14 PM] Mata: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

[8/04/13 9:55:16 PM] CW: hahahhahahaa

[8/04/13 9:55:18 PM] CW: bahahahahhahahahhaha

[8/04/13 9:55:21 PM] CW: love it

[8/04/13 9:55:31 PM] CW: trolololol

[8/04/13 9:55:38 PM] Mata: Helen flinching away from the table like ‘this bitch did NOT get freaky on our- she did she freakin’ did’

[8/04/13 9:56:46 PM] Mata: And she left him alone, good one Krystle- you may have just slept your way to the bottom.


[8/04/13 9:56:52 PM] CW: i think this ep is just an hour long!

[8/04/13 9:57:00 PM] CW: i’m on twitter stalking the tag

[8/04/13 9:57:22 PM] CW: tv3 your programming is all over the place

[8/04/13 9:57:25 PM] Mata: Sweet lol because I still haven’t written the Doctor Who or Game of Thrones reviews lol

[8/04/13 9:57:50 PM] Mata: Ugh TV3, they need to sort their shit out

[8/04/13 9:58:17 PM] CW: oo game of thrones

[8/04/13 9:58:22 PM] CW: i’m reading the books..

[8/04/13 9:58:26 PM] CW: should i get into the show?

[8/04/13 9:58:27 PM] CW: or after

[8/04/13 9:58:35 PM] CW: altho i kinda know what happens… everyone dies

[8/04/13 9:58:39 PM] Mata: How far along are you?

[8/04/13 9:58:49 PM] Mata: Haha man the books SLAY

[8/04/13 9:58:51 PM] CW: ummm bran hasn’t found out about cersei and jaime yet

[8/04/13 9:58:52 PM] Mata: literally ahhaa

[8/04/13 9:59:04 PM] CW: ned is going to the south with robert

[8/04/13 9:59:11 PM] CW: and arya’s direwolf hasn’t attacked joffrey yet

[8/04/13 9:59:13 PM] CW: so not very far lol

[8/04/13 9:59:37 PM] Mata: Ooooh okay okay, totally up to you. I watched the first series before I started the books

[8/04/13 9:59:45 PM] Mata: and finished the books before season 2 came out haha

[8/04/13 10:00:22 PM] Mata: Krystle’s crying because the one time she stops being uptight she fucks up hahaha pun

[8/04/13 10:00:34 PM] CW: loool

[8/04/13 10:00:36 PM] CW: it’s like a car crash

[8/04/13 10:00:40 PM] CW: it’s so ugly but u can’t look away

[8/04/13 10:00:48 PM] Mata: It can only get worse

[8/04/13 10:01:23 PM] Mata: ‘Krystle shagged a rival on the boardroom table.’ Simon, well said.

[8/04/13 10:02:09 PM] CW: wow that boardroom table’s seen a lot of action

[8/04/13 10:02:51 PM] CW: CHARLIE KILLED ROSE

[8/04/13 10:02:53 PM] CW: CALLING IT NOW

[8/04/13 10:03:07 PM] Mata: Haha Peterson killed Rose

[8/04/13 10:03:11 PM] Mata: no HELEN DID IT

[8/04/13 10:03:20 PM] Mata: Yeah I’m making no calls

[8/04/13 10:03:21 PM] Mata: yet

[8/04/13 10:03:46 PM] Mata: Ew Derek’s bragging about Linda

[8/04/13 10:04:19 PM] CW: EWWWWWW

[8/04/13 10:05:05 PM] CW: hahaha everyone made lasagna

[8/04/13 10:05:06 PM] CW: man

[8/04/13 10:05:10 PM] CW: linda just needs a good woman

[8/04/13 10:05:15 PM] Mata: Lasagne tasting

[8/04/13 10:05:26 PM] Mata: Ganesh made a pun!

[8/04/13 10:05:45 PM] Mata: Krystle going out with a bang indeed.

[8/04/13 10:06:01 PM] Mata: Weird that Krystle’s called Jane.

[8/04/13 10:06:13 PM] Mata: Reckon Krystle’s gonna be their side project this week? (She was, well Jane’s at least)

[8/04/13 10:06:19 PM] CW: probs

[8/04/13 10:06:30 PM] CW: and the next episode too seeing as this was meant to be two hours

[8/04/13 10:07:07 PM] Mata: LOL Krystle’s more bent out of shape about the fact that the guy she screwed isn’t more than a junior lawyer haha

[8/04/13 10:07:29 PM] CW: hahahah

[8/04/13 10:07:31 PM] CW: i love linda

[8/04/13 10:07:34 PM] CW: she gets the best lines

[8/04/13 10:07:52 PM] Mata: She just wants a burger (and maybe a girlfriend haahhaha)

[8/04/13 10:08:32 PM] Mata: Awwwwww yeah Linda, she just made him want her more

[8/04/13 10:09:09 PM] CW: linda’s so good

[8/04/13 10:09:19 PM] CW: and she’s not even playing the game

[8/04/13 10:10:04 PM] Mata: I wonder though, if anyone’s going to make the connection between her and Rose any time soon

[8/04/13 10:10:22 PM] Mata: Although Simon hasn’t seen her, and Derek wouldn’t know so she’s safe right now

[8/04/13 10:11:24 PM] CW: i just got a mental image of linda sliding onto the home plate

[8/04/13 10:11:32 PM] CW: and the umpire going “SAFE!” with the arm motions

[8/04/13 10:12:23 PM] Mata: LOL Linda looks like a softball player if you know what I mean

[8/04/13 10:12:31 PM] CW: why mata i do believe i do

[8/04/13 10:12:46 PM] Mata: LOL

[8/04/13 10:12:54 PM] Mata: Jane, sluething Jane

[8/04/13 10:12:59 PM] Mata: Oh shit Krystle got fired

[8/04/13 10:13:10 PM] CW: :O :O :O

[8/04/13 10:14:45 PM] Mata: Jane is woman hear her roar

[8/04/13 10:14:54 PM] CW: yeah yea mate scoooooore

[8/04/13 10:15:22 PM] CW: ew peterson

[8/04/13 10:15:23 PM] CW: so desperate

[8/04/13 10:15:41 PM] Mata: I was gonna say, Peterson does NOT live there.

[8/04/13 10:16:13 PM] Mata: Peterson’s gross, man.

[8/04/13 10:16:30 PM] CW: lol i actually thought he said WINZ not wins

[8/04/13 10:16:35 PM] Mata: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

[8/04/13 10:17:03 PM] Mata: I could see Peterson buying out WINZ and turning all the branches into sweat shops

[8/04/13 10:17:28 PM] Mata: Are they trying to give Peterson depth?

[8/04/13 10:17:37 PM] CW: i think they are :S

[8/04/13 10:17:41 PM] CW: humanising him?

[8/04/13 10:17:54 PM] CW: linda’s 3 things

[8/04/13 10:17:57 PM] CW: 1) i’m a lesbian

[8/04/13 10:17:59 PM] Mata: HAHAHAH

[8/04/13 10:18:02 PM] Mata: I was about to say

[8/04/13 10:18:10 PM] Mata: she forgot ‘I’m a lesbian’

[8/04/13 10:19:04 PM] Mata: Scott McMan sent him (Charlie) pictures of his dick, Scott’s gay

[8/04/13 10:19:10 PM] CW: hahhaa

[8/04/13 10:19:14 PM] CW: chris is loving it!

[8/04/13 10:19:15 PM] CW: i mean charlie

[8/04/13 10:19:30 PM] Mata: The vertical blinds need to be disinfected, burn the room


[8/04/13 10:20:07 PM] CW: man why does jane want to save krystle so badly

[8/04/13 10:20:14 PM] CW: she needs to find out who killed rose first jeez

[8/04/13 10:20:27 PM] Mata: Jane’s trying to help everyone and their mama

[8/04/13 10:21:00 PM] Mata: Also, Krystle’s someone Jane’s spoken to and knows as opposed to this woman she’s never met

[8/04/13 10:21:12 PM] Mata: Even if Krystle’s a bitch

[8/04/13 10:21:20 PM] CW: that’s true

[8/04/13 10:21:30 PM] CW: i miss the old flight centre guy

his hat fit his head better

[8/04/13 10:21:55 PM] Mata: Haha

[8/04/13 10:24:34 PM] Mata: Oh shit, this is the first time Linda’s turned up to a meeting this week

[8/04/13 10:24:57 PM] Mata: Linda would very much like to see the photos of Krystle

[8/04/13 10:25:12 PM] CW: linda would loooooooove photos of krystle

[8/04/13 10:25:13 PM] Mata: LOL Sonya asking Jane if she’s a ‘secret Christian’

[8/04/13 10:25:16 PM] CW: but she has standards

[8/04/13 10:25:21 PM] CW: hahahaha yes i was just about to type that

[8/04/13 10:26:02 PM] Mata: I think this is where Jane gives up the goods to Charlie

[8/04/13 10:26:07 PM] CW: ewwww

[8/04/13 10:26:21 PM] Mata: haha Charlie’s going to make it to Candy Land

[8/04/13 10:26:30 PM] CW: gag

[8/04/13 10:26:58 PM] Mata: (Charlie’s talking to Scott at the bar where he initially tricked Krystle into thinking Scott was about to make partner, you could say it was his fault, it is where the entire debacle started) Punch

(Charlie sucker punches Scott)

[8/04/13 10:27:01 PM] Mata: KNEW IT

[8/04/13 10:27:12 PM] CW: hahahha

[8/04/13 10:27:29 PM] CW: oh i see. it’s “adrenaline made us do it” sex

[8/04/13 10:27:30 PM] Mata: Let the record show that I said punch before Charlie did it. And now they’re running- this explains why

[8/04/13 10:27:35 PM] Mata: Jane’s about to hook up with him

[8/04/13 10:27:55 PM] Mata: Nah, she’s gonna do him because he seemed ‘gallant’

[8/04/13 10:28:12 PM] Mata: Oooh or not (Which kind of makes me glad because it actually wouldn’t have been in character for Jane to just hop into bed with Charlie because he punched a guy for her.)

[8/04/13 10:28:13 PM] CW: don’t get the bus you’ll never get home!

[8/04/13 10:28:25 PM] CW: ooo foreboding music

[8/04/13 10:28:30 PM] Mata: LOL don’t get the bus you’ll get an STD before you even sleep with Charlie

[8/04/13 10:28:34 PM] CW: what building’s that?

[8/04/13 10:28:40 PM] CW: aw i miss auckland 😦

[8/04/13 10:29:19 PM] Mata: Haha I don’t even know, since finishing uni and working in Newmarket I haven’t wandered the streets of town in a while haha

[8/04/13 10:29:58 PM] CW: hahaha palmy

[8/04/13 10:30:03 PM] Mata: Guttered

[8/04/13 10:30:17 PM] Mata: Does Jane get Krystle her job back?

[8/04/13 10:30:44 PM] Mata: Helen seeing Jane’s worth *eyebrow quirk*

[8/04/13 10:30:48 PM] CW: lolol

[8/04/13 10:31:00 PM] Mata: No Simon DID NOT (just say ‘I am woman, hear me roar- which btw he totally did)

[8/04/13 10:31:08 PM] CW: ugh simon

[8/04/13 10:31:45 PM] Mata: Peterson wants to hire child slaves

[8/04/13 10:32:14 PM] Mata: Jane, don’t push Simon, he’s close to the edge (he’s trying not to lose his head hahaaa)

[8/04/13 10:32:41 PM] CW: interesting watching this from simon’s pov

[8/04/13 10:33:00 PM] CW: a temp who is good but who is showing a partic amount of interest in law


[8/04/13 10:33:28 PM] Mata: HAHAHAHAHAHA

[8/04/13 10:33:49 PM] Mata: *whispers* THEY KNOW

[8/04/13 10:37:19 PM] CW: linda linda linda

[8/04/13 10:37:38 PM] CW: zomg

[8/04/13 10:37:41 PM] CW: derek

[8/04/13 10:37:43 PM] CW: zoolander

[8/04/13 10:37:44 PM] CW: no

[8/04/13 10:37:46 PM] CW: peterson

[8/04/13 10:38:02 PM] Mata: LOLOL

[8/04/13 10:38:09 PM] Mata: Awwww shit Krystle’s back

[8/04/13 10:38:11 PM] Mata: The Bitch is Back

[8/04/13 10:38:15 PM] CW: dun dun dun

[8/04/13 10:38:59 PM] Mata: Balance has been restored

[8/04/13 10:39:10 PM] CW: and charlie’s back with his sexual harrassment! yay

[8/04/13 10:39:11 PM] Mata: No Linda, don’t do it! (by it I mean Derek)

[8/04/13 10:39:13 PM] CW: all is right in the world

[8/04/13 10:39:20 PM] Mata: Hahaha ‘fancy a pash?’

[8/04/13 10:39:20 PM] CW: that looks like the modern family house

[8/04/13 10:39:25 PM] Mata: Charlie bro, subtle guy

[8/04/13 10:39:39 PM] CW: linda’s gona get smashed

[8/04/13 10:39:43 PM] Mata: Maybe Peterson’s got a Gloria somewhere

[8/04/13 10:40:13 PM] Mata: Linda doesn’t like sausages, we established this last week

[8/04/13 10:41:52 PM] Mata: Shit, Linda’s just playing all of her cards

[8/04/13 10:42:00 PM] Mata: Some of them, anyway.

[8/04/13 10:42:04 PM] Mata: Okay, not all

[8/04/13 10:42:16 PM] Mata: Derek did it.

[8/04/13 10:42:44 PM] Mata: Yeah Derek, you and Linda like the same things, want the same things…women.

[8/04/13 10:42:59 PM] CW: bahaha

[8/04/13 10:43:42 PM] CW: erk

[8/04/13 10:44:13 PM] Mata: Okay, it makes sense for Jane not to shag Charlie this ep.

[8/04/13 10:44:34 PM] CW: yea

[8/04/13 10:44:42 PM] CW: i’m glad they didn’t shove it into 2 hours this week

[8/04/13 10:44:46 PM] CW: i’m sleepy lol

[8/04/13 10:45:10 PM] Mata: Yeah same! I’m trying to keep my eyes open, now I have to burn the midnight oil for a bit lol

[8/04/13 10:45:50 PM] Mata: Well, this has been ‘watching The Blue Rose with Mata and Chloe’ hahahah

[8/04/13 10:50:42 PM] CW: next season linda better be a lesbian!!!

[8/04/13 10:50:46 PM] CW: you can quote me on that

[8/04/13 10:50:49 PM] CW: LOL

[8/04/13 10:50:54 PM] Mata: Hahahaha I will I will

Special Mentions:

– If you’ve managed to get through that post you’re a legend.

– Yeah no twitter corner this week, lo siento (I’m sorry) guys!

– Unrelated to TBR: Game of Thrones and Doctor Who reviews will be up tonight. Not that anyone cares, crying in the corner.

Talk to us? We’re keen to get other peoples’ theories on The Blue Rose, or anything really. What’s your opinion on the GCSB?


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