The Blue Rose 1×08: Half a Person

The Blue Rose: Monday 9:30pm TV3

If I thought LAST week’s episode was intense, this week knocked last week out of the park. If you didn’t catch last night’s episode of The Blue Rose you need to fix that ASAP! TV3 on demand! After reading this review, of course. In my last review I talked about how some of the subplots from earlier were perhaps unnecessary and this episode kind of proved that. Did anyone else find this episode, which focused primarily on main characters, much more enjoyable? There were no random cases this week, except for the trampoline case that was handled in the background and only alluded to.

Instead, we had some overall plot movement, doused in brilliant acting (damn can Antonia Prebble do sad cry voice well) and some well suspenseful moments. It’s been a week, or a few days, since Ben broke it off with Jane. Yet he’s still living at the flat and they’re still sleeping in the same bed. Oi vey. Jane. She’s too darn nice, a borderline pushover. This has been her character flaw since the start of the show, however where it can be a rather critical flaw it’s also what makes her a compassionate person. I didn’t think the seemingly laid back, read as bludging, Ben had it in him to be so… dickish. I suppose I did, but I thought the show was going to pull one over our eyes and actually have him be a stand up guy. Of which he is not. He’d been cheating on her for a while and had the audacity to accuse Jane of sleeping with her boss, Simon. Ugh. I can’t.

Simon offers Jane an apartment to stay in because it’s obvious there’s a psycho targeting her; slashing her tyres, cutting up her laundry (including her delicates) and breaking into the flat. We’re clearly being pushed to believe it’s Ben, going cray over wanting the car or the flat and a valid perp he would be. However I had my suspicions about other characters.

And I was right! And Simon also had his suspicions, mostly because Felicity (his missus) had done this before, to Rose. Granted with Rose it was warranted, this time Jane’s an innocent party. I couldn’t help but feel the storyline had a very Jane Eyre feel to it, crazy wife (albeit not locked in the attic) causing havoc for the innocent governess, or PA, who’s just trying to live her life and help solve the murder of the former PA, Rose, who Rochester- *cough* I mean Simon was in love with. Maybe not. Although I think Charlotte Bronte would be rather pleased with the set up of this episode, kind of. Minus the adultery, premarital sex, murder and technology. I’m rambling now, aren’t I? I hope they don’t keep pushing Simon and Jane together, nor do I think it’s a good idea for her to take Charlie up on his ‘revenge shag’ proposition. Seriously dude? Jess isn’t too sure she likes Charlie, she thinks the actor’s a bit wooden- just saying his lines. He’s still the office eye-candy slash druggie. Speaking of eye-candy, Krystle was initially charmingly bitchy- if such a thing exists. However most of Felicity’s targeting wouldn’t have been possible without Krystle pulling the bitch strings a bit in the background.

Grant and Linda’s past is, well it is what it is, isn’t it? There’s a theory she’s a raging lesbian, which isn’t an issue, but we would like some clarification. Guess we’ll have to watch to find out. Also next week, it looks like the Bad Tattoo man knows more people than just Grant. Intrigued. Also, what’s going to happen with Simon and Felicity? He sorta Chris Browned her at the end of the episode there. Reckon this could mean he has enough rage in him to have lost his temper with Rose? Reckon Felicity could have hired someone to take care of Rose? Like I said, until next week!

Special Mentions:

– There was no Varsha this week. This made me slightly sad.

– Did Ben’s bit on the side know that Ben was in a relationship? If so she really isn’t very good at keeping secrets is she? Gosh, good thing the EQC info didn’t leak to her. Would have been posted on her blog faster than you could say ‘reverse cowgirl’.

– “Post-natal psychosis is the actual diagnosis.” Is it inappropriate that I laughed? Probably. But I LOL’d nonetheless, guys it rhymed. C’mon!

– I swear Jane’s entire morning needed ‘You had a bad day’ playing in the background.

– Twitter Folks seemed rather pleased with this week’s episode. Check it.


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