Tweets4Treats Jawkward got treated to a Girls Night Out. Acca-AWESOME!

If there’s one thing we love here at JawkwardLOL it’s free stuff, and people or companies that give us free stuff are not only the bees-knees but…yeah I lost momentum. Two weeks ago Jess got some tickets that magically turned into a night’s stay at a hotel all by tweeting @TelecomNZ asking for a treat using the hashtag #tweets4treats.

Jess then proceeded to ’round up her peeps’ which, of course, included me! JawkwardLOL, Jess’s mum and our friend Heather (@heathderby) had NO idea what we were in for, but boy were we excited.

Well, save for Jess’s mum who refused to believe anything until she was sitting in the hotel room. Bless her. Although with Telecom refusing to tell Jess more than what was indicated in those initial tweets there was a touch of nervousness about us.

And when we spotted a limo outside. Hoooomahgherrrrrr!

However it then disappeared and Jess’s mum nodded her head wisely before looking at Jessica with knowing eyes, an ‘I knew it’ beginning to form on her lips. A few minutes of confusion later we were meeting Suzie and Guy (the Camera guy) who would be our Telecom Tweets4Treats reps. The limo WAS for us, after the initial OMGs and WOWs were out of the way we were in the limo and off to- well we still didn’t know. But boy were we excited!

Waivers were signed, initial introductions were made, in between bouts of tweeting. If it wasn’t apparent before, Suzie and Guy would become familiar with our tweeting habits, or rather addictions. Suzie informed us our first stop wouldn’t be the hotel, and before long we were at East Day Spa for manicures. My first worry was not being able to tweet while my hands were occupied and I was forced to admit that sometimes I tweet with my nose. Nothing wrong with that. Am I right?! Once our nails were done, we were transported to our hotel where a crowd of our adoring fans had to be held back by security.

Our fans were crazy…invisible. The elevator ride up to our hotel room was filled with the relief that we weren’t attacked by Jawkwardians.

And of course the anticipation of the view we didn’t know we would be greeted with. It was pretty amazing. We were pretty amazed.

The view was a treat.

So were the treats. Just ask Jess.

We were still amazed when they took us to the movies to see Pitch Perfect. Which, by the way was Acca-Amazing.


Upon arriving back at the hotel we discovered even more treats!

Suzie and Guy (the camera guy) were kicked out of our room and we settled in for a night of kicking back and enjoying the life.

There may have also been some singing of One Direction and Justin Bieber whilst Jess’s mum watched some movies in the other room on the ol’ iPad.

Jess was particularly keen on dancing to ‘Baby.’

She certainly was ‘One Less Lonely Girl’

Practicing our stalker skills.

Jess and I stayed up until the early hours of the morning discussing business matters and the status of our friends. We couldn’t get enough of the view, basically we could not part with it. And that’s why it’s taken so long to post about it (not because of my general lazy uselessness). Just thinking about the hotel life, and how epic it was, makes me sad to come back to reality. The next day:

We tried to eat our breakfast in moderation.

We tried to catch Suzie and Guy (the camera guy) unawares.

And we failed miserably on both accounts.

Our exit interview was recorded and then we were delivered to Jessica’s house. Um… can we go back?

P.S if this happens to actually air on TV, know that we’ll be making fun of ourselves a WHOLE lot more than any of you ever could.


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