Dinosaurs? On a Spaceship?

Yeah. Dinosaurs. Big, extinct, upright lizards. That’s all I had to say before the little hairs on the back of your neck stood up in utter anticipation for the rest of my post, wasn’t it? Go on, admit it. ADMIT IT YOU WH- sorry. That escalated pretty quickly. Let’s get back to Doctor Who and the second episode of the the seventh series. First of all, as Jess  -the ever calculating (no pun intended) Jess- pointed out, this episode served as a great standalone. One of those episodes you could have missed (HOW/WHY COULD YOU EVER LET THAT HAPPEN?! Especially nowadays with the internet at your service) and it wouldn’t be detrimental to your understanding of any overall story arcs. Secondly, this has got to be the only show out there that will give you Triceratops Feels and then punch you, right in those Tricey feels. Until you can no longer breathe. Filch you’re such a bastard!

Right, so I’m going to make remarks using bullet points, because I’m lazy and there’s no fixing that flaw.

  • Lestrade (that’s his name to me, sorry guys but I won’t call him by anything else) was pretty funny. Well, despite his blatant sexism.
  • And could Queen Nefertiti be any more badass?
  • Rory’s dad was adorable.
This made me a tad teary eyed. Gosh. Emotational. (New word: learn it, live it, love it!)

I kept expecting him to proclaim that the TARDIS and everything going on wasn’t particularly ‘muggle-ish’

I’d like to make a toast. To Tricey, who would have made an excellent companion. A kindhearted triceratops who just wanted to play with Rory’s dad’s (golf) balls and gave the fellas a lift when they needed it. Not many humans would be so friendly as to let you ride in their car, let alone on their back. But Tricey, Tricey was better than most humans. Tricey deserved more. Tricey deserved to make it to Siluria with the other dinosaurs. So *raises glass* here’s to Tricey! May your heaven be filled with all the plants and vegetation you desire.
  • Also, foreshadowing much?!

“Come on Pond, you’ll be there til’ the end of me”


The end is nigh and quite frankly I’m not ready for it. I say that every time a companion’s time comes to an end though. The bucket for my creys are ready, however.

  • Special mentions. Rory’s face.


  • Hahahahahahaha Rory’s face.

Also, I see some people complaining about how the way the Doctor left Filch to get his just desserts wasn’t cool. Guys. Come on. Filch killed a bunch of Silurians, Tricey and took Nefertiti. He was a dick.

Filch, just because you’re a squib doesn’t mean you gotta be a dick.

Jawk. Out.


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