Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks and AHS: The Asylum. Jawkward Dance.

Both Doctor Who series 7 and American Horror are due to start in the next month or two. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one eagerly awaiting at least one of these magnificent shows. Of course these aren’t the only ones penned into my calender, oh no. I just happened upon some news about them recently and decided I wanted to share with you, yeah you there *points* my excitement. You may exist only in my mind, but I love you anyway. Perhaps, more so than I love real people. Because if you exist only in my head it means you’re an extension of myself. And I love myself almost to the point of narcissism. *whispers* Because no one else will. Jawkward.

But back to Whovian talk. Oh man am I excited for Doctor Who. ESPECIALLY the first episode. I mean, Daleks, guys. Daleks. EXTERMINATE!!!!! I have a love-hate relationship with the Daleks. I mean, they look like little metal Christmas trees or cute baubles, but they some dangerous sons of Davros! And crazy as shit in their need to ‘EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!’ all living things in order to conquer the universe. But from what I’ve read about the first ep, HOMAHGHEERR. If you have nil access to the internet or TV and have yet to see ANY of the trailers because until now you’ve been living under a rock, here’s what I’ve got for ya…

Series 7 Trailer 1: Wild West  | Series 7 Trailer 2: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!  |Asylum of the Daleks Trailer | Save the Daleks!

Now, on to a completely different sort of show. American Horror Story Season 2: The Asylum. American Horror Story, that train wreck of a show I became insanely addicted to last season despite so many things wrong with it. I’m sad, yet immensely glad they’re dropping last season’s storyline and pursuing a completely new one. This time in a mental institution, hey didn’t the builing where Spookers is located used to be a mental institution? It’s going to be fun innit? Scary? Questionable. Although to be fair there were a few times last season when I wish I hadn’t been watching at 3am in the morning whilstI was supposed to be writing essays. Here are the four teaser trailers out so far. The first one just reminds me of primary. Yes, because our teachers used to go out to the woods behind the fields with a bucket full of children’s limbs to dump. I don’t know why it reminds me of primary is just does! Stop QUESTIONING ME.

First Teaser Trailer Blue Coat Teaser | Hydrobath Teaser Trailer | White Rose Teaser Trailer 

So I have no idea how to embed youtube vids- everytime I try I get rejected/it doesn’t work and I want to punch a hole in the computer screen. I tried just now, again, and it failed. I had to refrain myself from punching the computer screen.

Jess has to read this before I can post. Hi Jess! Everyone say it with me (in the comments section) “HI JESS!” If you don’t say hi to Jess I’m a punch a kitten, in the face. That’ll be your fault. How can you even sleep at night?

This is Jess saying hi back. Thanks for saying Jess and not Jessica. Jessica makes me sound like I am trouble and well y’all know I am an angel.



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