Top 5 Jawkward Moments During the London Olympic Opening Ceremony

So if, like us, you live in the Southern Hemisphere and were up SUPER early to catch the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. Well done! As a special treat we here at JawkwardLOL present you with the opportunity to perv some more at the Fijian flag bearer’s oiled body. His name, for those who weren’t paying attention and/or didn’t immediately Google it, is Josateki Naulu. I’m guessing some of us will be following Judo a lot more enthusiastically this year. Like that drummer in the pic, also starstruck by Jo’s pecks.

However without further adieu we present for discussion:

The Top 5 Most Jawkward Moments/Observations from the London Opening Ceremony.

5. The girls wearing the signs with the names of the countries on them also had FACES ON THEIR DRESSES. Did anyone else feel like those girls’ dresses were staring into your soul? Judging you? Just me? I’m not surprised.

[Pictures Omitted due to Creepiness]

4. The look of absolute enthusiasm on the Queen’s face throughout. I mean, nothing seemed to make this woman smile. I don’t even think jumping out of that helicopter seemed to phase her. Except perhaps just before she jumped, when she managed to smile for a candid shot. Aw your Majesty, you’re looking especially fine in this photo.

3. This guy, crouching to get in the shot, look at his sneaky smile.

What’s awkward is that his smile suggests he did more than just crouch down.  And yes, even while being applauded the Queen’s expression borders on bored, if not displeased.

2. What’s more awkward than someone turning up uninvited and uncleared to a VIP event? The girl who gate-crashed the Indian athletes march! I can’t even. I mean, rude. But she did it with such glee, I mean look at her.

That’s a gleeful smile if I ever saw one. She is immensely pleased with herself. This is awkward for so many reasons, how did she get out there? She stands out like a sore thumb. Security’s got some ‘splainin’ to do. Look at the man behind the flag bearer…he looks piiiiisssssed. Also, she looks like she purposely wore colours that clashed with the Indian athletes’ black and yellow. If she was trying to hide in plain sight, she failed.

1. And the Numero Uno most Jawkward moment of the opening ceremony- when that German dignitary looked like he was giving the Nazi salute to the German athletes. He might have just been waving, but you gotta admit it looks a LOT like he’s about to yell out HEIL!

Pay special attention to Camilla in the back with her ‘Oh my gosh, *giggle* is he doing what I think he’s going?’ look on her surprised face and Boris beside her about to piss himself from laughing so hard.

In fact Camilla and Boris seem to both think this guy is absolutely hilarious.

Click for a clip.

And there we have it, hope the rest of the Olympics go without a hitch…gotcha! We’re hoping for as many JawkwardLOL moments we can get. Although I hope they don’t mess with North Korea anymore than they already have. Let’s not tickle the pickle and release the beast. You know, poke the yolk. Aggravate the Nuked up state. Just don’t fuck with North Korea, okay? I don’t want my next post to be sent from within a bunker, or worse- from beyond the grave.

Until next time, let us know of any JawkwardLOLlympic moments as they unfold. Comment! Tweet! Send us a message via Owl if you have to. Just talk to us, otherwise Jess might cry a little…in her pants. Like Boris.

(I also accept notes slipped under my door.)

Happy Hunger Games- I mean JawkwardLOLympics every one!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Jawkward Moments During the London Olympic Opening Ceremony

  1. HAHAHAHA the winner definitely goes to the party crasher LOL who the f_ck is she?!


    1. Noooo idea! Lol look at her FACE! She’s excited as shit!


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