Miranda Series 4 – We Need It

Remember how Miranda hinted towards a fourth series on twitter? Something I never questioned for a second from the moment both Gary and Michael proposed, oh spoiler alert.

Now although Miranda’s busy with other projects at the moment, the last thing I heard was that the show wouldn’t be coming back for at least another year. And in a recent interview Tom Ellis, a.k.a Gary Preston, said this about the show: “I think there’s certainly some more of the story to be told. I can’t say when [another series is] going to happen, but I think it’s not going to go away.”

Of course not ya llama. Miranda can’t ever go away, what a silly thing to say. We need this show, and ending it wouldn’t be ‘what I call’ fair to anyone. Least of all the fans. We need to know whom Miranda chooses, we need to see how life goes on we need SUCH FUN. I do believe I’ve said my piece. Funny word, piece. Mostly because, cake.

– Mata

p.s Replace the word cake with ‘episode’. Also give us some cake, love.


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