I visited the Mothership

I have clocked it. Really, I have. I went to Apple HQ today, it was awesome. Unfortunately you need to know someone to get inside the buildings but I got some nice photos outside. There is also the company store which sells apple branded T-shirts, souvenirs etc. I got asked by the attendant if I worked at Apple which was a total fan girl moment.


Then, it was off to Google HQ where everyone had ID attached but I might have just walked in. I was scared of getting caught so ran around and took as many photos as I can. I saw everyone on those Google bicycles. It was awesome. Heaven. Went past the cafeteria and saw everyone eating and nearly everyone had different type of cuisine. Amazing!





Driving through Silicon Valley is awesome. You see all these companies whose products that you use everyday. Saw Yahoo, Intel, Evernote, Oracle just on the side of the road. This is my kind of sightseeing.

Saw the garage which is said to be the birthplace of Silicon Valley.

Then drove to Santa Rosa which is like wine country to visit some family. Stopped at this amazing street where the street itself is called Factory Outlets. Bought some Nike shoes and T-Shirts for my brothers, a Guess watch for myself and some Italian Leather shoes for work (fancy).

We have driven all over San Fran today. Seen a lot of the countryside. And went over Golden Gate Bridge again which I loved.


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