The land of Maple Syrup. Or something . . .

Hello all, I have flown from LA and am now in Vancouver. Nothing much happened today so this post will be padded with photos of scenery. I tweeted this earlier and it is pretty much true.


Woke up this morning, got ready, and caught the train to Union Station. Either I am now desensitised to those around me or for once the people around me were behaving. I suspect the former. Then it was a shuttle ride to LAX. It will be pretty weird to not see palm trees everywhere. Here are some photos I took of palm trees (like I said a very exciting post today).


Was flying with Air Canada and the check-in process was just a nightmare. Pretty inefficient as they got people to stand in lines like you were going to see an agent but as I went closer, we were lining towards some check-in computers. Had to pay $25 to check in one bag. Really made me appreciate Air NZ. And the TSA were scary as usual. Especially the ‘take your shoes off, stand here with your hands up’ part.

Terminal 2 has about 3 places to eat so went to Burger King. For $12 I got a large Turkey burger combo and a veggie burger. The small sizes here are what we would consider large in NZ. It is insane how big these cups are. I tried to shove it down the cup recycle bin when done and it would not even fit the base. This guy stood and laughed with me so totes bonding moment with a stranger though.


Boarded the flight. It was so budget, there was no snacks or meals, they had an onboard cafe which sold a mini packet of nuts for $4.50. No thanks! Went to the loo and the two flight attendants were standing around and gossiping. Then they made mistakes with the announcement e.g. Saying we are landing in LAX soon when we were going to Vancouver.

Landed in Vancouver, check-in was alright. The agent quizzed us about what we were doing in Canada, one question after another. bam, bam, bam! Maybe I looked like an illegal immigrant.

We’re staying with family in Vancouver so we got picked up. Some photos of the scenery is attached. Nice to see some green, LA just looked burnt. 20130709-094100.jpg20130709-094110.jpg






Hung out with family and that was about it. Considering how jam-packed LA was, it is a different experience. Still to decide if I like it. Maybe I can go and read those books I downloaded.



Mata here, wasn’t that exciting! Especially all those extremely large photos of palm trees and aerial shots of greenery. Such fun!

Now, you crazy kids go check out other fun posts by Jess. just click the Jess’s Travels tag. Or go to this post which links all the other ones, minus this one duh, in it.

Jawk ya later, haters!




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