X Factor NZ – Coke Choice Week Review

Was half-expecting Dominic Bowden to come out sporting a suit made entirely of recycled coke cans. Disappoint. Daniel’s ugly kilt didn’t disappoint anything but my eyes.  Contestant’s had to sing a song (out of three) from the year that they were born, chosen by the viewers. The result was meh, to be honest.

Jackie, 1990: Alannah Myles – Black Velvet. It was alright aye, granted it was chosen for her by the people for the people, heh. It was average, for me. Although I can’t say I hated it, if anything I just don’t like this song and it made me dislike it. She sang well, however.

Whenua, 1995: Micheal Jackson – You Are Not Alone. My sister thought Moorhouse were singing backup for Whenua, it was not Moorhouse. Whenua’s performances are usually my favourite. For once I had to agree with Mel’s judgement. It lacked that something that I reckon Whenua normally has, I just hope it doesn’t get him sent home.

Benny, 1990: Tom Petty – Free Fallin’. I don’t know, I was hoping NZ would make him do Sinead O’Connor, Nothing Compares 2 U because it would have made me laugh. However his performance tonight was rather good. It had that original Benny quality to it. It was nice, innit.

Cassie, 1998: Natalie Imbruglia – Torn. I’m going to be honest, I like this song. Don’t judge me, so I was especially iffy about her performance. As per usual she sort of shouted her singing a bit, but she stayed in tune and she looked cool. What was with the kiddie band behind her though? Cassie’s face when Dominic cut her off to ask where the dudes behind her came from, like ‘really, bitch?’

Moorhouse, 1993: All4One – I swear. They had to work out an average age because, duh, they’re a group. So I swear, I was sitting here thinking they better not kill my love for this song. And they didn’t, in fact I liked it. Until it got to the end, I don’t know what happened but the final note it sort of went slightly wrong. Also their reunion with the member of their group that ditched them for rugby, it was a laugh.

Special Mentions:

– Mel wanted the boys behind Cassie to stay behind and audition for the show. As what?! Were they actually playing those instruments?

– The Samsung Insider creeps me out a bit.

– Daniel’s autotune shade to Moorhouse, Mel’s face. It was a good thing there are two other judges between them, because Mel’s claws were ready to rip up Daniel’s kilt.


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