Double Elimination! Later days Fletcher and Maaka.

That’s right, we finally bid Fletcher a long overdue farewell. We’ve never had anything against the guy, it was just that in a singing competition his voice wasn’t the greatest. Or rather none of the songs he’s sung so far have done him any favours. Maaka’s got a great voice, but his performance during soul week was rather dull, actually his standout performances so far have been his audition and his Titanium performance. Speaking about Titanium, how about that guest performance from the boyband Ti Tanium? (I assume that’s how it’s spelt, considering Dominic Bowden said it was two words.)

I’ll be honest there weren’t any real standouts from Sunday night’s show. Sure Whenua was amazing as always, but that was about it. Cassie was lucky to have been saved, because her performance was pretty average, she won pity votes because she was panned by the judges. How incredibly awkward was it when the judges argued over her performance whilst she stood on the stage on the verge of tears? Daniel suggested Gap 5 hit the gym for the sake of their voices. Okay, Dan. And everything else is a blur at this point. I’m glad next week’s Top 40 week, it means Mel can’t give her groups any songs older than the collective ages of …her groups.

Special Mentions:

– Props to Daniel for colour coordinating his pants with Ruby’s hair.

– Someone on twitter mentioned it was Reality Show-Ception with Rosita Vai (former NZ Idol winner) singing backup for Aaradhna. Funny that.

– If you guys don’t want to run overtime might pay to have Dominic Bowden ease up on the pausing, also less ad breaks while the show’s actually going, *cough* Samsung Galaxy IV *cough*.


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