Right, last week L.O.V.E finally got the boot!

Hello, so are we all still present for X Factor NZ? Last Monday’s elimination got a bit tense for a second. One of the judge’s performed, to which we all wondered whether we could vote Stan off. Do those jokes get old? Maybe, but twitter loves ’em. Virtual unknowns, Joseph & Maia performed a catchy song. It was a standard elimination episode. Until we got to the bottom two.

Anyone else wonder whether Moorhouse was really in the bottom two? Felt bad for Mel, just a little. Then I remembered she tried to get TP, no TYP, put through as her wildcard rather than Anabac. Yeah still sour about it, just a bit.

Mel had to choose between her Hip Hop duo L.O.V.E and her cheesy fan fav Moorhouse. Except she didn’t choose, she refused to vote for either one to go home…which threw Dominic Bowden off. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. Serves him right for his way-too-long pauses.

In the end, despite giving their one decent performance of the competition, L.O.V.E get sent H.O.M.E.

Special Mentions:

– This week is Soul week, I can’t help but think a few contestants will suffer for it. Tonight should be good.

– Yep, Fletcher is STILL there.

– Double elimination tomorrow!

– We spotted Tom Batchelor the other evening. He gave us a small insight into contestants’ lives. 12 hour days filled with booze, parties and luxuries; living in the fast lane! Jokes, they’re in interviews all day before singing themselves to sleep in tears, after having a lonely dinner.



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