Game of Thrones 3×09 Review: The Rains of Castamere

Readers of the series, was it everything you dreaded? Non-readers of the series, did you pick up on the foreshadowing before the arrows started flying? The Red Wedding is something, no doubt, you’ve heard thrown about the internet and for good reason. After the Death of Eddard Stark it’s one of the more shocking HOW COULD YOU moments from the series. Find someone who loves the TV show but hasn’t read the series and give them a hug, okay?
All throughout the Red Wedding you have characters’ faces displaying their remorse for past actions, ‘if I had not done this- would this have happened? Are the gods a bunch of douchebags?’ If by gods you mean G R R Martin and by douchebag you mean psychopath then yes.
Special Mentions:
– Jon and Ygritte! Guys that wasn’t even the true heartbreak.
– Bran and Rickon made me tear up.
– Gilly called Sam and wizard and my shipping heart perked up.
– They had the Blackfish at the Wedding! I hope we get to see him jump into the River and swim away like a boss.
– Ser Jorah, she’s just not that into you bro.
– Bring on the Purple Wedding?

What say you?

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