X Factor NZ – What just happened?


Fletcher got enough votes to make it through, they decided to just get that over with by calling his name first. No use in making us wait for that, we know his fanbase will be the death of good NZ music.

In the bottom two were Taye and L.O.V.E, now I’ll admit I’m not much of a Taye fan but in terms of last night’s performances he did a damn sight better than L.O.V.E did.

Taye’s ‘save me’ song was Forget you and it was passable.

L.O.V.E did Swing by Savage and at one point forgot the words.

However, because Mel and Daniel voted to send Taye home, and Stan and Ruby (actually voting in terms of who had the better performance tonight) voted to send L.O.V.E home, it went to deadlock and so it was down to the NZ public’s votes.

Turns out L.O.V.E got more votes than Taye did. Thus, after two weeks in a row of being in the bottom two L.O.V.E scrape through by the hairs of their chinny chin chins.

Special Mentions:

– Kudos to Daniel Bedingfield’s calculated move of saving L.O.V.E, a group who really should have gone home tonight. Calculated? I hear you ask, why yes! In saving such a weak group it means his two remaining contestants stand a better chance of staying in the competition longer.

– Twitter does not like this Drew Neemia fella that performed with Smashproof.

– Next week they do the Best of the British, well well well. Here’s to hoping no one butchers Ed Sheeran.


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