X Factor NZ – Homegrown Performances

Last night was all about Homegrown music! And while some contestants did pretty well, some of them should think about packing their bags.


Gap 5 – I was afraid someone would attempt Lorde and flop, however Gap 5 pulled it off! Look forward to next week!

Whenua – as per usual was ace. Although song choice last week let him down a little, his rendition of Bathe in the River last night was top notch.

Benny – Last week I wasn’t feelin’ it, but this week his version of that Vogels ad song was choice! (Using Kiwi lingo like Choice because, homegrown!)


Fletcher, Fletcher, Fletcher – butchered a Bic Runga song. Sorry man, we want to like you, we really do. But why can’t you choose a song that you can pull off?

L.O.V.E – No.

Moorehouse – I don’t know either boys. Also JACKIE CHAN! SHE RAN AWAY!


Two people did Brooke Fraser songs last night, Anna and Cassie. Now Anna rocked it last week, this week notsomuch. Cassie owned her Brooke Fraser song, which is great because last week was a bit of a strain to watch due to a song choice that was way too hard and unsuited to her.


– Is Cassie dating one of the 14 year old from TYP? Hahaha young love.

Special Mentions

– If it wasn’t mentioned, it wasn’t memorable.

– I wish Daniel’s wardrobe wasn’t memorable. It stings the eyesockets, my mind’s eye too.

– Daniel and Mel’s assault on Whenua was a bit below par.

– Dominic, they shuold give you a list of catchphrases so you don’t wind up saying some of the things you do.


What say you?

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