X Factor NZ Live Results Show Review – Farewell Eden

Our predictions look ridiculous now, although not as ridiculous as the actual results mind you. We should have said goodbye to the rap group who keep trying to sing, L.O.V.E, or Fletcher who sounded suspiciously like a wounded animal during his rendition of Paradise during his live performance last night.

Instead we said goodbye to Eden, who seemed grateful to be leaving. I’m not saying she was a favourite of ours by any stretch of the imagination (okay joke, because Jess liked her heaps) however we didn’t get to see what she was capable of. At least in terms of popular music, we knew she was capable of writing her own music however we never got to see her sing something we knew and liked. Daniel Bedingfield had the chance to give her something good yesterday but Daniel must have been on on crack when he chose his contestants’ songs for last night.

Willy Moon’s performance could have been better. He was given a huge picture of himself by Dominic Bowden, probably taken from Dominic’s personal stash. A vast collection, stored in the same place he keeps his pregnant pauses that he likes to pull out when reading the results. Ruby’s performance was comparably better, however, insert obligatory Illuminati comment here.

L.O.V.E were saved, even though it sounded like Stan was voting them out- clarity, Stan, say it with us. We underestimated Fletcher’s primarily intermediate/college aged fanbase. It’s not that I dislike L.O.V.E it’s just that I don’t like their performances as a whole. It is painful to watch. However Eden had the chance to save herself tonight, she could have sung something popular but she went with an original. Knew she was gone at that point. But it all began with Daniel’s song choice, I cannot stress this enough. Daniel only has himself to blame here.

Well, until next week!

Special Mentions:

– Eden, when asked what her twitter handle was by Daniel on stage, said edeniris2. Tweeters were quick to search it up and discover that she made it up on the spot, trolling us all with a twitter middle finger salute. However some beautiful person’s made the account. The internet, man. The internet.

– Mel looked like she fell asleep during L.O.V.E’s performance tonight.

– Troll through the #xfactornz hashtag. The hilarity.

– Uhm why were they still wearing the same clothes from the night before?


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