X Factor NZ – Top 12 Review

If you missed today’s episode here’s a concise little rundown. The judges made some predictable decisions and some unpopular decisions. And *le gasp* TWIST! They each get to choose a contestant they rejected as a Wildcard that we have to scramble to text in or vote on facebook to save. I voted for Grace. You should also do the same. More about why you have to vote for Grace in the Overs paragraph.

The Groups

Predictable. She kept Moorhouse and Gap 5, I don’t mind so much. Although can Moorhouse tone down the cheese? Channel the need to be cheesy into making your voices stronger. I still can’t get over the fact that she sent home the one group who gave the best performance during the Judge’s Retreats episode, Anabac. And what’s worse she decides to put TYP as her Wildcard. No what’s worse is she put L.O.V.E through. We all know who the first group to go home will be, the one with the least members.

The Overs

Stan stan stan, yes those are his choices. Taye, the Blonde with the forgettable voice and Maaka, whose performance wasn’t very enjoyable, let alone Top 12 material. Grace aced her performance and she’s being sent home. I can still remember Jessy’s voice, and she got sent home. At least Stan made Grace his Wildcard. I have to agree with his choice to let Bryan go, however.

The Boys

Ruby’s first choice, Whenua, was obviously her best choice. Hopefully getting through to the top 12 will encourage Tom to take a shower. Benny’s original audition is the only reason he’s made it this far, that and Ruby’s toner. There’s a chance Fletcher’s fangirls could push him into the that 13th spot.

The Girls

Daniel’s decision to not put Oriana through to the final round lost him one of his strongest voices. Cassie was an obvious choice and we all knew that Jackie wouldn’t have been called back for nothing. Eden’s an interesting choice, I would like to see her sing something other than her own music, because this is X Factor and that’s what this show is about unfortunately. She could quickly become alienated if she continues to sing her own music over and over again. It’s also a bit annoying, save that for when you’re not in the competition anymore.

So who will be voted into the final top 12th, well 13th, spot? I don’t know. It could swing either way really. Do you even care? I’m invested, it’s why I’m angry. Haha yeah I’ll keep watching and I’ll even vote. Seriously though, the ad for next week is pretty sleek. Well done guys, just don’t cut the contestants off during their live performances to talk abut their feelings, okay?

Special Mentions:

– Twitter Corner:

And in that weird part of Twitter we have Dominic Harvey. This guy secretly wants to be publicly stoned aye? This dude is ALWAYS stepping over the line. Here’s the line


And all









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