Game of Thrones 3×03 Walk of Punishment and 3×04 And Now His Watch Has Ended Reviews

Walk of Punishment

Awkward, when your marksmanship is so bad that your uncle the Blackfish has to snatch the bow and arrow off you and set your dad’s funeral pyre on fire himself. Edmure isn’t the most competent of Tullys, however he is Hoster Tully’s heir. Think about that. That’s mean, especially considering if you’ve read the books you know he’s more than just a bit of a blundering fool, he’s someone who cared enough about his people to open up the doors of the castle for his smallfolk.

The thing about family dynamics in such a show is that it’s always, well, messed up. Robb seems to forget that if anyone’s made the hugest blunder in his camp, it’s the person that stares back at him in the mirror.

Back at King’s Landing Tywin calls a meeting and watches as Varys, Littlefinger (Lord of Harrenhal, laugh at the joke, go on.) and Maester Pycelle scramble for the ‘best seats’ while his two (adult) children make do with what is left and how they both handle it is of interest. I can’t remember whether this particular tidbit is in the novel, however I will say this. This one scene is the equivalent of a chapter in terms of character exposition. Cersei will drag her chair from the end of the table to be right beside her father. Tyrion, however, not content with sitting on the sidelines, or being put there, drags his chair to the other end of the table directly across from Tywin. Unfortunately he then has to sit there and be made Master of Coin. Ouch.

Arya and Gendry’s with the Brotherhood- who have the Hound. She wants the Hound to be punished for what he did to the baker’s boy the last time they were at the particular inn.

Theon gets ‘saved’ by someone he thinks is sent by Asha- sorry, I mean Yara. We, readers of the series, know who he really is. He’s a bastard. Literally.

We check in with Jon Snow beyond the wall kickin’ it with Mance Raydar and the Wildlings. They come across some nice artwork left by whitewalkers. The Night’s Watch were attacked and the survivors make their way back to Craster’s keep, where Gilly is having her baby and the men try to warm themselves near Craster’s fire without killing him.

Dany, in Astapor, is shown walking along the Walk of Punishment. A wall where slaves who’ve ‘stepped out of line’ are strapped to a cross and left to die in public. She offers one a drink but he tells her he wants to die. Dany is witnessing slavery at its worst in Astapor and being the kind of person she is, you can see that it troubles her. She haggles with Kraznys mo Nakloz, through the translator Missandei who tries to relate Kraznys’ vulgar words much more delicately, about acquiring all of the Unsullied, even those that are not fully trained. She winds up using Drogon as a bargaining chip, something that Ser Jorah and Selmy (who’s there to serve, aww yeah) argue with her over. Daenerys does not take kindly to them opposing her in public. She also takes Missandei, who’s much older here than she is in the books. But that’s cool.

Ah yes and Jaime, trying to save Brienne from being raped, gets his sword-hand cut off.
The world of GRRM is a cruel place, for those high and low born. But we already know that. There are a few more highborn folk who have yet to discover this.

Special Mentions:

– Podrick Payne, a lover as well as a fighter it seems.

– Farewell Hot Pie and don’t burn your fingers. Sage advice from Gendry.


And Now His Watch Has Ended

I just want to stare at Daenerys Stormborn’s badassery for a bit. This episode was, in a sense, crazy! Crazy good! I’m pretty sure I didn’t blink for the final ten minutes of the episode. The final scene was like Baddassery 101. Dany not only cements herself as the most BAMF character of the season, she does it so flawlessly that you can’t help but hate yourself for ever doubting she would make it this far in the early stages of your ASOIAF reading/GOT watching career.

What is a man without his other hand? The aftermath of Jaime sans hand is pretty bleak, I mean dude lost a hand.

The Hound is sentenced to trial by combat and the person he’s to fight is…Beric Dondarrion! Dun dun dunnnnn! Arya’s still not impressed- because in her mind the Hound’s already guilty. Well, because he is.
Bran had a dream that his mum chucked him out of a tree. Um?
Dianna Rigg- honestly Lady Olenna making Varys slightly uncomfortable is the best thing ever.
Cersei, sucks to be you.
Margaery trying to work her magic for Sansa. It’s sweet. Really.

Remember how the Night’s were trying to keep warm without killing Craster? Everyone fails. Why? Because Craster’s a creep and eggs them on and one thing leads to another and before long the place is in chaos. Honestly, MUTINY ENSUES! Which seems to come out of nowhere, but really has been brewing for a bit. The Lord Commander literally gets stabbed in the back. Samwell’s crawled out of the place by that point, but stops by to find that Gilly’s given birth to a son, and they run.

But I keep coming back to the end of the episode. I swear I’ve re-watched it like fifteen times. I was getting antsy about the whole ‘does she/doesn’t she speak Valyrian’ situation. Because in the books you know straight away that this dude is really pissing her off, however with the television show you’re not inside Dany’s head so you don’t know until that moment where she yells out ‘Unsullied!’ in Valyrian and you just double fist pump like you did at the end of the 2011 Rugby World Cup final- well unless you were France. I mean she reveals that she speaks Valyrian and then has the Unsullied kill all the slavers and then frees the Unsullied, giving them the choice to walk away so that they follow her willingly, WILLINGLY. AWWWWW MAN WHEN DROGON KILLED KRAZNYS BY FIRE BEFORE JUST FLYING AROUND BREATHING FIRE- THE EPICNESS IS UNCONTROLLABLE! When Dany throws the whip down and the Unsulllied trample on it is as they march past. Dany doesn’t need a whip to command love and respect.

Special Mentions:

– A Dragon is not a slave.

– In the book series I really start to understand the honor code that Jaime lives by, and in a way it’s heartbreaking. I hate and love that they’re beginning to go into that, because the internal conflict it causes, both for viewer and character. However the way Martin makes Jaime much more complex than just being the other half of an incestuous, villainous, set of Lannister twins.

– Ramsay, ya’ bastard.
– And now his watch has ended. *creys*

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