X Factor NZ – Judges’ Retreats

Wow, the retreats were pretty cool. I mean- was it summer still when this was filmed? Because one of chicks in the Groups chucked herself into the pool, the Groups and Over 25s stayed in New Zealand.

I have to get this off my chest, the editing on the show has been pretty ace so far- so whose decision was it to have contestants talking over their performances? I mean, surely they won’t be interrupting live performances with voice overs of what the contestants’ hopes and dreams are. I suppose it comes down to cutting down time and having just one episode of the performances at the judges’ retreats as opposed to more. It’s still rather grating to cut into a performance like that, but them’s the breaks. Also, they brought someone back, Jackie. Skinny Love chick who stuffed up during Boot Camp.

Let’s just cut to the chase, Daniel’s bright pants. Joking. The best and worst of tonight’s performances.

The Groups

Anabac: Hands down had the best performance of the groups I reckon.

Gap 5: Were alright. That final note they sang was a bit weird. Anyone else notice it?

Moorehouse: Kind of bored me to be honest, however I think they’re a shoe in.

L.O.V.E: Can we stop it now?

Voltech: Don’t even get me started. What was with the animal print? When do they get stylists?

TPY: Oh honey, no.

The Boys

Whenua: He’s going through, one of the performances I definitely wish didn’t have a running commentary just cut through it. If he doesn’t go through you’ve gotta wonder what Ruby’s looking for. It’d be the Y Factor.

Fletcher: Will your looks get you through to the next round? Also, his voice broke very briefly during his performance. Anyone else hear it? Glorious.

Benny: His headband distracted me. Also, people are still waiting on the Neil Finn shade.

Tom: I’m sorry, I checked out when he noted that you can never have too many socks.

Taiaroa: Distinctive voice, enough to put him through?

Liam: He’s got a nice country voice. But is New Zealand a country music country as a whole?

The Girls

Oriana: Performed a nice rendition of Girl on Fire- bonus, she wore red. Because fire is red guys. And in Game of Thrones, if you’re a wildling and kissed by fire you’re good luck. Not that Oriana’s a wildling, and being kissed by fire means being ginger.

Jackie: Back from the abyss of rejection! She sang a favourite song of mine. Was it enough to keep her in the competition?

Eden: Someone noted that Eden can’t just keep singing her own songs. This show’s about appealing to the masses and most of the time what appeals to the masses includes singing what the masses already know and like.

Madeline: Someone called her Duffy Wigmore, stop it! She sounds nothing like Duffy or Gin, and by nothing I mean exactly.

Finlay: She clopped onto the porch and bored me a bit. Why didn’t she sing a rockish type song?

Cassie: Her voice is on the straight and narrow.

Aotea: Sang a Frank Ocean song, she’s got a nice voice but I don’t know that she had the right voice for an Ocean song.

The Over 25s

Grace: Admitted she can’t learn a song within 2-3 days. Uhm, you’re lucky you have an amazing voice.

Taye: Why were you crying?

Jessie: Why did you choose Somewhere Over the Rainbow? Why? (Forever ruined by the force of nature that is Carly Rose Sonenclar.)

Maaka: I don’t know that he did enough to make it through to the top 12.

Anna: Someone said she’s got the look and the voice. I’m not sure I agree.

Bryan: He sang Robbie Williams.

Special Mentions:

– RACHEL STEVENS!!!! Sorry, I’m a child of the 90s, so an S Club veteran was whoa. (Granted their attempt at a comeback was very sad, have you seen the clip? I still love them!) Yeah. Woop! NEVER HAD A DREEEEEAM COME TRUE, TIL THE DAY THAT I FOUND YOU! REACH FOR THE STARRRRRSSSS CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN HIGHER! S CLUB MASH-UP!!!

– The Boys’ reactions to being mentored by Ruby Frost.

– Twitter Corner: Twitter was a hot mess this week. I can’t even choose!


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