X Factor NZ – Bootcamp and Top 24 Review

Over the past two days we’ve watched people that got through to boot camp either flop or do slightly better than the others to get through. I don’t want to be someone who defends a show, or the judges’ decisions, just because I’m partial to it. With that being said, let’s discuss the ridiculousness that made for ridiculous but good TV; we can also have a laugh at how Dan’s wardrobe looks like something that was vomited onto him by a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory (so not a hint towards his creepiness at some points). I think the judges made some strange errm decisions tonight. I’m not kidding. Although, based on the majority of the performances given I suppose I’m not surprised. Seriously who the HELL doesn’t know the lyrics to Beyonce’s Halo? Who? Also, if getting through means so much to you, wouldn’t you learn the crap out of the song you had sing in order to get through until you could sing it backwards and in any key? You would think that singing slightly off key, not showcasing what got you through to boot camp in the first place and/or not singing because you forgot the lyrics would be an immediate ‘out’. While this was the case for most, it was definitely not the case for some of the people that made the top 24.

JawkwardLOL review the the Top 24

Groups: Mel Blatt, a veteran of a girl group All Saints, got the groups. No surprises there.

L.O.V.E: a rap group, but for the past 2 performances they neither rapped nor really stood out.

Voltech: As much as I agreed with the one who blew up at the 26 year old solo mother, it doesn’t mean you should throw a hissy and not really learn the song. Also, they sort of did terribly.

Moorehouse: Have already sort of got a fanbase on youtube?

Gap5: Oh hai Little Mix. They were pitchy as at the start of their bit, however that thing they did at the end was alright. I do think they’re better than Voltech and L.O.V.E combined, however.

Anabac: I have no opinion. (Although I suppose if there were no Asian contestants it would seem a bit racist because the one girl in Little Mix- I mean Gap5- wouldn’t cut it.)

Maori Direction (Sam, who I thought was 14 but isn’t, Peniamina and Cameron): Yes I am aware they are not all Maori. I am also not the least bit surprised they chose to form a little boy group with cast offs. Didn’t one of them say that if he cried his mum would be embarrassed for life?

Boys: Given to Ruby Frost, because she has a toner for Benny.

This is Benny.

Whenua: Stan 2.0

Tom: Forgot his lines.

Taiaroa: Glad he stopped with the hats?

Fletcher: Rioting, starting at all girl intermediates, would have occurred if this guy didn’t get through.

Liam: Mel actually said to him ‘You’ve got an old man inside you.’ Yes, he’s a country bumpkin.

Over 25s: Given to Stan because he wanted the girls.

Maaka: Did well.

Taye: Tiki Tane.

Jessie: Old folks home lady. She has a mean voice.

Grace: From Fast Ford to Boot Camp, because the producers were idiots for rejecting her at the start.

Bryan: Missed the mark a bit, and by a bit I mean he missed his cue and then got the words wrong. I’m sure he could have countried that song up and made it work but he still stuffed up.

Anna: Who? I’m serious I can’t remember what she sounds like.

Girls: Given to Daniel because he wanted the girls. I’m not the only one who finds his uh fervour a little creeptastic.

Oriana: Her voice.

Madeline: Aka Duffy/Gin Wigmore

Finlay: the crackers girl! She slaughtered her first audition tho’ aye.

Eden: No doubt she can sing, and she writes her own songs too. She’s a bit weird. Weird isn’t necessarily bad.

Cassie: Beatrice Miller anyone? However, she did kill it during the A Team group performance. I liked it better than her first audition.

Aotea: Yeah nah, she did well.

Special Mentions:

– ‘I sing all the time, I sing more than I don’t sing.’ Okay.

– The retreats look pretty cool.


4 thoughts on “X Factor NZ – Bootcamp and Top 24 Review

  1. What happen to Te Ao Te Huia, she was awesome.


    1. She didn’t make it to bootcamp. She had a good first audition, even if Stan hijacked it. lol


  2. I think daniel is a complete fuck wit and should have put Finlay in the top 3 girls !! She would absolutely carve jackie !! Ur a stupid fucking twit next year get a new judge he’s not even kiwi !! Also Madeleine should have gone through as well !! They were both better then jackie she sucks balls


  3. Why did jackie Thomas make it through to the top 12 when she didn’t even make it through boot camp she forgot her lyrics. Finlay and madeline both have powerful voices and are very unique. Jackies voice won’t make it very far and also gets annoying. I want answers as to why she got called back and got a second chance. There was also a glitch for voting I read on stuff, this all seems set up!! Everyone knows whenua has a more powerful voice then jackie and sounded better at singing the new release song. I want answers and so does the rest of New Zealand!!!


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