X Factor New Zealand: Top 3 JawkwardLOL Auditions of the Night

Did we like it? It was certainly well edited, it looked sleek and very much on, or just about on, par with X Factor UK or USA. The talent? It certainly started off well, and there were some surprise diamonds in the rough, as can be expected. I can’t recall any names, not because people didn’t stand out but because my mind is like a sieve.

Top 3 JawkwardLOL Auditions of the Night

3. The brother and sister who both got rejected one after the other. I know they’re two but the the fact that they got rejected one after the other. The chick felt sorry for her brother like she was sure she was going to get in, and then she too got bounced. Ouch.

2. The swearing guy, surely he was taking the piss? I mean, wow. He looked like a bear and swore like a…like a swear. Yeah, not my best comparison.

1. Mitchell the Chicken Man. Would it have been anyone else? I mean this guy, in his dad’s suit with his dorky face and personality. We were actually rooting for him, sort of hoped he would surprise us all SuBo style and have an amazing voice. This did not happen. After sitting through his story about having 50 chickens and having got a one-way ticket from The US because he loved New Zealand so much, he starts singing and I think I speak for us all when I say we should all pitch in and get him a one-way ticket back. Just kidding, but his voice, it was like listening to a drunk sort of sadness crying out in pain. Are chickens deaf?

Very much looking forward to tomorrow’s episode. Anyone else got any stand out BAD auditions?

Special Mentions:

– Stan getting up to sing with that girl, nice but a little unnecessary? I mean, I’m glad she got through, but Stan outshined her just a little bit. Just a bit.

– Daniel’s face during every audition.

The Twitter Corner, where we click on the #XFactorNZ hashtag and just screenshot random tweets we find funny. The first two are funny because it’s Liz Shaw, for obvious reasons if you’re a New Zealander.

Okay, because if anyone knows something about bad auditions.


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