The Blue Rose 1×11: This Night Has Opened My Eyes Review

The Blue Rose: Monday 9:30pm TV3So I had to catch it on demand this week because I was too busy learning how to play different songs on the ukulele. Whoops. However here I am, ready to bombard you with my thoughts on this week’s episode of the Blue Rose because I love to do so- okay, Jess threatened to take the ukulele off me because it’s a distraction. Yes, I am a child. Now, where were we? Right.

The Blue Rose this week was just- well. It was all RAWR! I mean, dead hookers, prison bashing and rogue banging. It was all happening last night now, innit? But what did it all mean?! Let’s dissect and discuss. DISSECT AND DISCUSS!

Going rogue this week we had Jane and Linda both sort of investigating and sort of just hanging out with and eventually banging suspects. Jane taking pity, because despite what she said it was a definitely a ‘pity bonk.’ And c’mon, you know Charlie didn’t mind, it got his mind off his dad getting the bash in prison and also got him what he’d been trying to get for the past 10 episodes. Charlie’s relationship with Peterson is weird, it’s almost like Peterson’s a friend of the family. Only Peterson isn’t, is he? He’s somehow involved in using Charlie’s dad as a scapegoat which lands the man prison.

Speaking of Peterson, Linda’s getting awfully close to him. Sonya and Ganesh are super against Linda and Jane fraternizing with suspects and I have to agree, however Sonya can’t criticise anyone for going rogue. Especially when a radio station is looking for the anonymous person  who donated a large amount of money to a cause Sonya wanted to take on earlier in the episode.

Ganesh is the only one who knows the meaning of restraint and laying low.

Speaking of laying low or rather the opposite of laying low- that is extravagance, how about that party where there were higher ups and escorts and it seemed like Peterson was throwing a ratchet New Zealand version of a Gatsby type shindig, minus the class. Linda meets Hannah an escort who knew Rose. After Linda badgers her for a few days, Hannah she agrees to meet them and relays to them what she’d discovered while working for Villiers. Unfortunately, both for Hannah, Rose and the poor hooker who drew the short end of the stick and had to ‘entertain’ Craston, mostly for the dead hooker, Hannah watched the tape and saw Craston choke the poor girl to death.

What’s with Simon grabbing at Hannah though? Was he still carrying on his own investigation and was still trying to get Hannah’s statement? Or is he somehow involved? Because Hannah had given Rose a copy of the DVD of Craston killing a hooker to give to the police because she was too scared to do it herself. Or does Simon know about the tape and the threat it could cause to Peterson and all the money that Peterson is in possession of?

This could be it, they’re getting ever closer to the truth behind Rose’s death. I know one thing’s for certain, I held my breath the entire time Jane was looking around in Simon’s hotel room and when he showed up. Also, at the end there when Peterson checks his emails and is sent a copy of the incriminating video of Craston killing Katya (the escort). Who the hell has that second copy? Also, Peterson didn’t look very scared- in fact the expression on his face is rather unfathomable. Curious.

Special Mentions:

– “I only slept with Varsha, and only because you told me to.” LOL it’s a hard life for Ganesh.

– Twitter corner!


4 thoughts on “The Blue Rose 1×11: This Night Has Opened My Eyes Review

  1. Who is Lancaster? You mean Cranston?


    1. Fixed lol I was tired.


  2. This show looks interesting… going to have to check it out 🙂


    1. Haha it’s alright aye.

      We like it, mostly.


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