Game of Thrones 3×02 – Dark Wings, Dark Words Review

Late, because of reasons, also very brief… for reasons.

First of all let me say that this episode was certainly better paced than last week, when I felt like the switching of perspectives gave me whiplash. The Queen of Thorns, that’s all I can say. She’s such a BAMF in the books and Dame Dianna Rigg is perfect as Lady Olenna Tyrell, the Queen of Thorns (and quips).

Sansa opening up to the Tyrells about Joffrey, I’m surprised that no one else has picked up on it. Like, didn’t they hear about the things he does in court? Or is everyone too chicken shit to even gossip about it?

Finally, Arya!! And yes she continues to just get more and more badass. I like that for the TV show they’ve really cut down the amount of time she, Gendry and Hot Pie spend wandering around in the woods. Also, the Hound! Oh dear for Ayra.

Margaery’s scene with Joffrey, master manipulator at work here. Have I said I love that they’re making her more of a frontline character as opposed to background music.

Catelyn’s story about Jon Snow wasn’t in the books, however it’s a nice touch.

No Dany.

The horror is only just beginning for Theon Greyjoy.

Ramsay Snow!!!!!! Cough.

Special Mentions:

– People searching ‘Margaery Tyrell boobs’ and ending up here. Sorry!


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