Doctor Who 7×08 Cold War Review

This week’s review will be in the style of a hard out gangsta.
Aye yo they’ve gone back in time to the Cold War. Awww shiiiit, historical adventure! We about to see what happens when white people on one side of the world with nukes and white people on the other side of the world with nukes point that shit at each other in a damn Mexican stand off. Okay, I failed, I can’t do it. (Edit: I hope someone picked up on the Psych ‘Mexican Stand Off’ joke. No? Sigh. Okay.)
This week the Doctor and Clara travel back to 1983 (five years before I was born btw) during the Cold War, under the sea and in a failing submarine with some Soviets and nuclear missiles! Oh what fun, and they were apparently trying to get to Vegas. Ah TARDIS, you’ve done it again and in that confusing beginning sequence things get cray and the TARDIS disappears. We later find out it’s because the Doctor had reset her Hostile Actions Displacement System making her relocate when shit hits the fan.
We had an old who monster make a reappearance, the martian Ice Warriors but just any Ice Warrior but the most badass one out Grand Marshall Skaldak who has to find out by a bunch of humans in a metal coffin fitted out with nuclear missiles that he’s been M.I.A for 5000 years. Now that is a nap if ever I heard of one. Skaldak might have been convinced to just let them go had some idiot with a cattle prod not been so trigger happy with it. And so Skaldak goes all die hard on them because it’s not like he’s got anything to lose. He talks about his daughter and how she’s probably dead by now and that’s what Clara uses to sort of reach him in the end when his peeps finally hear his distress call and come get him and he leaves without disarming the launch sequence. Clara sings, as the professor had tried to get her earlier to do, to diffuse the tension. Clara proves that she can take orders, be willing and ready to help out and that she’s brave while also being absolutely shit-scared. Well courage isn’t the absence of fear is it? It’s pushing through the fear.
Jess wasn’t feeling this week’s episode. I was going to ask why but then I got distracted, I forget why. Maybe it was a shiny object to the left of my screen or something on the TV. Maybe the episode was too watery for her liking? It gave her a sinking feeling? Sorry, I’ll stop.
I, myself, liked Clara’s human reaction to seeing the dead body of Soviet soldiers. The slightly morbid person in me was wondering why they weren’t showing us what Clara was seeing, and then rational me was shaking her head and saying ‘dude, it’s a children’s show.’ What did you guys think of the episode?

Were you immersed? Okay now I’ll stop.

Special Mentions:
– If you insist.

– Looks like the Doctor’s finally found a companion who knows the meaning of ‘don’t wander off!’

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