You do not know me but I know you. You do not know me, but I was the one who bestowed upon you your first kiss. From the very first moment you inhaled me, setting into motion this lifelong addiction, I have been there. To witness your first of everything: the first human touch, the first touch of sound and the first invasion of darkness by light; revealing to you– your first glimpse of the world.
I have known your deepest fears, innermost desires and darkest hours.
In spite of this, you have looked right through me; not knowing how much we mean to each other. You have taken me in, to push me out every day and yet you do not acknowledge me.
I have felt the tears you’ve cried streak down the mound of flesh that is your cheek. I’ve felt the rushing of myself through the vent ways of you, whilst you laughed without concern.
I am as important to you, as you are to me: you give me a reason to exist and I am part of your survival.
Without me your lungs would close, your heart would cease to beat, thus cutting off the flow of blood that delivers me to every inch of you. Without me you cannot respire, without me your heart would stop, for without me you cannot live. Yet you ignore me.
I have caressed your cheek, when the wind has pushed me forward. I have kissed your lips while you lay sleeping, and when you think you are alone, I surround you with my unheeded presence.
I was your first kiss, along with your first breath and although you do not know me, I will also be your last.

Referred to by someone as the Stalker’s National Anthem. And looking at it from a certain angle I suppose it could be! I was only talking from the perspective of air. Jawkward.


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