Doctor Who 7×06 The Bells of St John Review

Of course! Makes sense. Complete and utter sense.
Except, the last time the phonebox rang? “Are you my my mummy?” (The Empty Child) Yeah, I was a little apprehensive. However it’s just Clara! Brillo-pots! Unfortunately, it would appear that Clara’s new incarnation (is incarnation the correct term here?) doesn’t have the faintest recollection of who the Doctor is.
That’s right! Doctor Who is back and boy are we excited! We’ve been speculating since Christmas about just how the Doctor was going to find Clara. His first two encounters with the woman twice dead were, well, fortuitous. At the end of the 2012 Christmas Special the Doctor vows to find her again and AHA, the expression not the band, there she is on the other side of the phone. The Doctor had withdrawn to a remote time and place trying to figure out what she meant, both in terms of her importance and her final message to him. A message that she’s managed to say both times he encountered her in the past. ‘Run you clever boy, and remember.’
This Clara is a little bit of Oswin Oswald the genius and a little bit of Clara the Governess, only she lives in the 21st century and knows little to nothing about computers. So how does that make her like Oswin, you ask? Well she’s still brilliant, to be sure, to be sure.
However her lack of computer knowledge is what lands her in trouble. Instead of clicking on the family’s Wi-Fi network she winds up clicking on the weird one that’s being used to suck people’s minds into the web.
First of all, burn. I’m going to go tweet that. Secondly-
When she’s pulled back/downloaded by the Doctor she returns with a genius level knowledge of computers again, implanted into her mind Matrix style.

Already I can see people drawing parallels between The Bells of St John and The Idiot’s Lantern from series 2. I can understand why, an alien lifeform using human technology as a way of feeding off humans? In TIL a man was pedaling cheapo television sets as a way of sucking the soul energy and faces off of victims, whereas we have an unknown entity using WI-Fi as a way of uploading people’s minds and trapping them so that it may feed off their intelligence. In both episodes, everyone’s faces appear on screens, trapped and trying to get out.

However, different times and different forms of technology. Also, interesting to note that through technology the entity ‘Great Intelligence’ (acting through their human vessel) was able to control peoples’ emotions and characteristics. Bit sad that when they were all reverted back to their ‘factory settings’ we discover that their vessel had been taken as a child and had lived her entire life under their influence.

I love that the Great Intelligence’s downfall are his(?) minions’ social media profiles. And perhaps that’s what I’ll take away from this episode. Not that Wi-Fi could possibly suck your mind in and feed off your intelligence/mind matter, but that you could literally be tracked down using the information you display on your social media profiles. Dangerous stuff. Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. Heh, pun? No? Well, I hope the spoonheads get you. Yes I too saw the Information Drones from Silence in the Library. One of the best things about Doctor Who is how they references past monsters/characters/places and things. We should embrace this interconnectedness. I know I do. Remember when someone theorised that dancing was a euphemism for sexual activity?

Power to Clara who tells the Doctor to ‘come back tomorrow’ when ‘she might say yes’ rather than leave with him straight away. She’s a genius and is not willing to just immediately put her life aside to go off with a strange man in a box, even if this man’s the doctor. she’s the impossible girl (granted SHE doesn’t know that) and she will, evidently, do things on her terms.
Special Mentions:
– Clara calls the phonebox a snogging booth. Would that it were, would that it were.
– A fez, always makes you cooler. Always. Also great for collecting money when busking.
– C’mon, are you trying to kill us!?
– The woman in the shop, anyone? Who would know, let alone give, the doctor’s number to Clara? River? Hmm.. I don’t know. Someone, speculate with me!

3 thoughts on “Doctor Who 7×06 The Bells of St John Review

  1. I thought River too! also, yeah, I missed the author of the book…. That’s awesome though. And it’s the three of them too.


    1. Racked my brain trying to think of who else it could be. I thought Rose, because Rose used to work in a shop- but she’s in that alternate universe, unless of course this is how they’re hinting at the 50th Anniversary episode? I don’t know.

      But River might make the most sense as she’s able to timetravel. Also she says the woman in the shop, she never said whether the woman WORKED there. Gah. And River would know the TARDIS phone number, wouldn’t she?

      Ah yes the author of the book. Honestly, Moffat kills. Also, someone pointed out that the two boys look a little like Sherlock and Watson and the name of the book? Summer FALLS? Moffat is just the type of troll to do that to his fans.


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