The Blue Rose 1×07: Money Changes Everything

The Blue Rose: Monday 9:30pm TV3Yes, I’ve only just caught last week’s episode on demand. Sue me. Har har because lawyers and- forget it, that was dry. So, lately I’ve gotten some negative feedback regarding the Blue Rose and I suppose I can understand where people are coming from. Sure, at times the show has seemed a bit slow moving and a tad predictable, but at the same time you don’t want to be burning through major plots and revelations too quickly. Some of the actors aren’t as strong as the others and some subplots were a bit unnecessary, however some of these actors are new at this and every show has at least one or two story lines you could have done without.

I, for one, think the show has done a good job of withholding enough information to warrant a proper reveal come the finale, which isn’t too far off at this point. However in saying that, the slow build up has, at points, slightly stagnated the flow of the action. That is, some of the story lines felt a bit too forced and expositional (totally a word, an adjective, and totally using it) and have therefore contributed to some less than top-notch TV watching.

Money Changes Everything was, in my own opinion, probably the most suspenseful episode to date. Especially considering that thus far none of their shenanigans, all illegal despite well-meaning, has landed any of them in jail, or fired or both. This was the closest I’ve been to being legitimately scared for a character. Especially since it’s a direct repercussion of earlier actions on Jane’s part. Makes you wonder what could happen to these people Linda and the gang keep calling favours in from.

Simon’s caught Jane out and he’s freaking out a bit because he could be struck off for it. However he’s really wondering why the hell Jane would involve herself in the affairs of someone she’s never met before. Dude, this is something we’ve been asking ourselves since day one.

I felt bad for Ben, but dude. Seriously? He’s being a bitch boy. Breaking up with Jane. Ugh she’s way too good for him.

I like that we’re getting some further insight into characters that make you go ‘kinda makes sense’, yes I’m talking about Linda and Grant. What I most liked about this episode, however, was everything to do with Jane and Simon. Calling Simon a lapdog is fairly correct, he’s Peterson’s bitch, the entire firm is. That poor man who has to take the fall for something that isn’t his fault because, well, because of money.

Rather apt episode title, really . Grant’s slowly inching his way back into Nina, his daughter’s life because Rose’s mum is going broke and Grant’s got the means to provide for Nina. Although he stops challenging the will because, duh, money. Way more money than he could afford.

No flow in this post, sorry. I’m much too jumpy for that I’m just hopping over to Ganesh now. And by Ganesh I mean Varsha. I’m just going to say it, I love Varsha. And every time I see her I immediately start humming ‘She’s a Maneater, make you work hard, make you spend hard, make you want all of her love!’ We need more of her. She’s interesting and different and I like her, okay?

Varsha's a Maneater

Special Mentions:

– If anyone didn’t know what Fracking was. Not that I had to google it, or anything. *Shifty eyes*

– A bit of a nitpick here. New Zealand, this show is from New Zealand.

– GASP GRANT KNOWS THE BAD MAN WITH THE TATTOO!!!!!!!!!!! Now to watch this week’s ep. Talk to me!


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