The Blue Rose 1×06 Paint a Vulgar Picture

The Blue Rose: Monday 9:30pm TV3

Took me ages to try to watch the Blue Rose OnDemand today because it was crazy slow. C’mon guys, get it together. Eventually the episode loaded and I was able to see the gang get to work!

I found myself thinking Sonya needed to pull her head out of her, excuse the language, bum this week. Which is mean because we know that David, aka the homeless guy with whom she’d formed a bond, had just died and she was dealing with her feels.

Looks like Elizabeth is catching on as her name. She’ll always be Sonya to me. Right, so this week she was all kinds of stubborn and gullible when it came to our subplot’s supposed victim. It grated slightly on my nerves, I know she seemed to be projecting the helplessness of David onto this Hayley character but it made Hayley’s manipulation seem even more obvious and when Ganesh proved it, I felt even angrier because it made Sonya look slightly foolish in her refusal to listen to reason for more than half of the episode.

It was nice to see Ganesh take a stand, however, at the end. Not just in terms of how he was able to overcome his fear of his crazy ex girlfriend played by Nisha Madhan (another ex-Shorty actress) and manage to get her to help, but also in terms of being more confident up against Linda and Sonya. When he goes on his own mission, taking on a Charlie (from Charlie’s Angels) persona to get more intel on Hayley I couldn’t help but do a slight encouraging fistpump. Look at him being all slick.

Ganesh being all slick.

There were a few dodgy puns this week but Ganesh was right, get your minds out of the sewer!

We get more of Charlie this week, getting some insight into the junior lawyer who’s been trying to get Jane to have a drink with him since day one. Remember I speculated that there might be more to him than the firm bottom feeder, okay I made a remark about him somehow being the culprit that counts as speculation! However really the big reveal about him is just that he’s a druggie. It’s sad that something like taking drugs could be spoken about in such blase terms but them’s the breaks. He’s also the last person to have spoken to Rose before she died, which, according to police records Ganesh got from Varsha, wasn’t from hitting her head after she fell into the water but rather before she drowned. Well well well, maybe I’m right about Charlie turning out to be the killer after all? Nah, just because he takes a bit of the drugs doesn’t make him a killer.

Next week looks good. This person agrees.

Special Mentions:

– Anyone else think Rose took that picture with the annoying chick in order to snap a shot of the Bad Man?

– Varsha, bitches be crazy! Secretly love her and hope she and Ganesh end up together. I ship it, I will go down with this ship.   

– That photographer’s a bit of a name dropper, and by ‘a bit’ I mean he’s a name dropper. However he does prove useful. They’ve got a visual of the bad man with the tattoo. And it looks like Varsha has more help for us next week, according to the preview she knows what the tattoo on his neck is.

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